And so ends another week

Wow!  Tomorrow will be the start of week 11.  CRAZY!  I can't believe that we have been in school that long.  It seems like we just started a little bit ago and now I am getting ready to do report cards.   My how the year is flying by! 

This last week was an "off" week.  We didn't do a new story.  There were no new words and no new "learning" for reading time.  Instead, we worked on a writing project to go with the story Seasons  in our anthology.  We made a picture for each season (one per day) and then the students had to write about it.  I will put them together in a book and keep them for Open House.  It seems like such a long way away til May, but hopefully the kids will remember doing them and hopefully they will have much better work to show for it come May.  Some of my kids did a great job on their work and really are working hard to give it 100%.  Others I get scribble and they think it's OK.  And then there are others that I had to write it for them and they copied (their ideas) it so they got something on the page.  It's frustrating the ones who just don't care.  But, I am going to focus on those that do for awhile and get my fix of happiness!

We finally finished up talking about maps.  It was a very long unit that I got bored with.  With all the pressures on us for reading, writing and math, science and social studies get pushed to the back burner.  We have 3 days a week to cover the standards in science and social studies without dipping into the time for the other areas.  After 4 or 5 weeks (it felt like an eternity) I was glad to be done.  We finished this week with a project.  I had bigger hopes for it, but it is what it is. 
We wrote on each one what it was - My home, my state, etc.  I will do it again next year, but make a couple changes, I think.

For math, we finished up a unit on addition.  My kids "get it" but they don't know their facts.  And I don't know if I want to be the hard ass to make them memorize them.  I have a couple who don't get the concept of +0 or +1, but again, I will focus on the ones who are learning them at record pace and passing their tests!  To end the unit, we did this cute activity from somewhere in bloggy land.  I couldn't find the actual post, but my kids loved it.  If it was yours, thank you!  I don't want to take the credit at all! 

Last week, we talked a lot about fall.  Here are some of the projects we did.  Some are bad pics, as I was taking them on the window! 

The next 2 weeks will be spend on Halloween and pumpkin stuff.  A lot of the kids don't really do Halloween, so we keep it friendly with pumpkins.  I have no plans yet on what I am doing, so that should be fun!  I have to write sub plans for the first time this year!  I am being Mommy on Thursday and going with my daughter to the pumpkin patch with her class.  Should be fun to be mommy and not teacher that day!  And, if I am lucky, I may get to have some time at home to get caught up on things in the afternoon!  :) 

Even though we have been baking in the heat the last week, there are starting to be signs of fall.  Here is proof we have fall in So Cal!  Enjoy our bright blue skies with temps in the 90's!

One of the fruit trees changing color

Little pomegrante losing its leaves.  There are some on the other side of the house...still bright green! 

Here is to a great week!  I have a million and 3 things to do this week and hope to get them all done.  First up...lesson plans!  Happy Sunday!

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