Amen for Friday

I wish today was Friday, but it's not. But there is only one more day for this week. Amen. I am tired. Exhausted. Ready to fall over asleep on the couch. But it's hot in my house. It was 103 today and my house was closed with no A/C on. No one was home, so it was off. Now it's after 8 and I am sitting her hot and uncomfortable. Welcome to fll in southern California.

Last week we were in the 60's with the first "cold spell" and this week we are in the 100's. My poor kids are starting to get sick. I had one out yesterday, 2 went home sick and the. 3 were out today. Time to clorox wipe everyday instead of just Fridays. Other than being tired, I have felt pretty good. Eating better and taking a daily vitamin has got to help in some way! One of my students went to the office feeling tired (she said she was up late waiting for mom), but the health clerk took her temp and it was 103! Poor girl! She never comp.aimed about that, just being tired. I hate it when kids are sick...they are just so pitiful and sad looking. Hopefully my own stays pretty healthy! She was ticketed out by 7:45 tonight and already asleep! Yay for little miracles.

Now it is my turn to chill. A little Big Bang Theory, Greys Anatomy, grading a math test and lights out for me. Thankfully tomorrow is Friday. Another busy weekend on tap, but it'll be fun! Happy almost Friday!


  1. I hear you! This week was parents conferences and it was hot outside! Not hot compared to where you are, but here if it's over 80 it's considered hot. And it was 98 yesterday. It will nice not to set my alarm tonight. Have a great weekend!
     Chrissy

  2. I've had a super busy and exhausting week as well. The kicker? I had to go to a 7 hour teacher training on Saturday. Yuck!

    Hope you get some rest :)