50 days!

Today was the 50th day of school.  I have never put much thought into the 50th day of school before, but this year I did.  We are half way to the 100th day.  We are almost 1/3 of the way done with the year.  Where is the time going?  I made a small deal out of it to my kids (compared to a big deal like the 100th day), but decided to have a little fun while learning, just a tad!  I threw together a page to copy at lunch and we made a little cereal collage-like thing for the 50th day.  Sorry I don't have a copy...technology and I were at odds today!

I made a sheet with 5 circles and wrote "We have been in school for 50 days!  We can show 50 with 5 groups of 10!"  The kids then got to count out 50 pieces of cereal and glue them on, 10 in each spot.  They thought I was the coolest teacher for that.  Well, there was the one kid who got to sit with his head down since he is devious and didn't get to have fun.  My kids thought it was all fun and there was no learning at all!  Ha ha! 

Here is a shot of their work.  I have just one since it was from my phone and my email is not working at top speed today. 

They had fun and that's all that matters sometimes!  They had their regular math lesson after this, so it wasn't all fun and games. 

Tomorrow I will have a sub.  It's the first sub of the year.  I should have posted a pic of my desk with everything laid out.  I managed to keep my plans to 5 pages this time, which is good considering I normally have a lot more.  But the sub is a retired teacher and should know what to do! 

As soon as my daughter brushes her teeth, I am going to bed.  It was a long day and it's almost 8pm and time for a nice, long nights sleep!  Happy Wednesday!

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