Word Families

Some of my kids are having the hardest time with reading words in the same word family.  They aren't getting the fact that only the beginning changes its sound while the ending stays the same.  I saw some cute word family sorts at A Teeny Tiny Teacher's blog and made one like those she has posted.  I don't want to take the credit for idea, so I will give it to her!  I plan on having the kids do these sometime this week, along with all the DRA testing I have to do for progress reports.  Just when we get on a roll, we have to slow for a speed bump!  Hopefully your kids will like the word sort!  Download it here!


  1. really cute! I like your fonts. You guys are way ahead of us. We just got done reviewing the ABCs.

  2. We've been in school for 5 weeks, starting week 6 tomorrow. We reviewed for the first couple weeks then jumped in head first. I feel as if we are going slow, but then again, I have a group that is right at the very bottom of reading, so we are going very slow.