Snail's pace

What a change! The last 6 weeks have gone by so quickly that my head was spinning. The last 2 days have dragged on. We have done a toN of work, but the days are moving a bit slower than they had been. I don't know if I like it going slower or not.

It is hard to believe that it's almost the end of September. The time is going by quickly. There are less than 100 days til Christmas! Holy cow! On Friday, we are doing adoration for Johnny Appleseed day. I am going to have the kids make an apple tree to show the tree in the fall. I punched out 100 tree trunks yesterday and have to get the paper ready for the kids to glue it on and then draw their leaves. We will then finger paint the apples on the tree in red, yellow or green. Hopefully I will remember my camera and remember to take pictures!

So I have made myself get super serious about getting in shape. Sunday was a good day at WW, but I want to kick it up a bit. So, I finally opened up my wii active game program. Oh my word...it kicked my butt! I have done it for 2 days and I can barely move. I am hoping to see some good results this week and in the next month. If you need or want a good workout, go buy wii active by EA Sports and be ready to walk funny for some time!

Time to hobble to the kitchen, do dishes and

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