Yesterday was the first day with my new kids. The others were freaking out, thinking that three kids would make their job harder. I may just have the best of the grade, I don't know. My new kids came in and we went on with business as usual. They all were here in kinder, so it's not like they don't know anyone. I have to say it was very easy yesterday and I am hoping for the same today.

The only downside is one of my new ones has now taken over the title of my lowest. I looked at his work last night and was shocked. It's sad how they come in so low and no one wants to take responsibility. So, I have my work cut out for me, but it's ok. I'll do what I can!

On another note, I teach in the same district where I went to school. There are people with kids who went to school with me. There are people that are all over the valley that we know in one way or another. Yesterday I was meeting with a parent and trying to get info so I can try and get her son the helpmhe needs. While talking, I told her that I have to watch myself and make sure I call him by his name, cause I want to call him the name of another student I had 7 years ago. Turns out, the kid I have now is the half brother of the one I had back then. In fact, mom was pregnant with him whe I has the other one. She has since left the dad, moved in with her parents and has no contact with the dad. Sad for the boy. But, it goes to show how smLl the world is. The families are about 12 miles apart, yet I have had both kids. But, at least now I know that the speech issue is more inherited rather than just because.

Well,it's Thursday...thankfully. I am tired and ready for a nice, long weekend! Happy Thursday!

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  1. Small world!! I know you'll do right by this new kid :)