Love days like today

I love it when all goes according to plan.  And my plans aren't that specific, but today was just fab.  We got through all our work, my kids did well overall on everything we did and we had a little fun in the process. 

The hit of the day was math.  I am really trying to be a better math teacher, and I think my kids are learning better because of it.  I had always thought I was a better language arts teacher, but I need to beef that up now, too.  Maybe I am in a little rut or something, but I need to make some sparkling changes there.  That's my next plan!  ;)

Anyway, in math, we were learning about ways to make 6 and 7 with adding.  I gave my kids 6 blueberry shredded wheat cereal pieces and they were able to "throw" them like dice and see what came up.  It took a bit of modeling to get them to do what they were to do, but they finally got it.  We made 6 (then 7) in all the different ways and then colored in the little sheet I made yesterday.  The kids really seemed to get how to make 6 and 7 when we went in order and one had the epiphany "the numbers get bigger on one side and smaller on the other!"  It was a lot of fun and a good learning experience.  I plan on trying to incorporate the cereal into as much math as possible this year, as the kids just love it and it's a good teaching tool. 

Here is one of the pages we did today.  My computer is slow and it isn't uploading the other pics.  Sorry!

Now, I must go and supervise bath time.  The downside to my hubby working from home is that he schedules meetings at night when I am home, but he is late tonight, so there will be no working for me, since he had my computer I can use while my daughter is in the tub!  Grrrr!  Happy Monday!

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