Is there a "bad blogger" award?

I hope so, cause then I could win it!  I have wanted to blog all week long last week and through the weekend, but there was just stuff getting in the way of me having free time.  As much as I want to, I am trying not to spend all my free time on the computer.  I am really trying to focus my energies on more industrious activities, like exercise, cleaning and reading (not industrious, but fun), but there have been days when I just want to watch TV and catch up on all the shows I missed last week! 

Anyway, I took a ton of pics last week, but I am too lazy to get the camera out of the car and download them.  I feel like my weeks go by so fast and there is nothing to show for them.  I need to slow down and take a breather and have a little fun.  We did try that today and dang, my kids were like slugs in the "fun" department.  They wanted to take their time, and then they gave me crap.  Oh well...it's a Monday.  I should care more, but I don't today.  We had picture day today, too, so that threw everything off.  I guess I will just "pass" on today and start new tomorrow!

Today we had a behavior committee meeting.  Loads of fun!  But, we are trying to work on making the school a much better place with kids who follow the rules and kids who know the rules like the back of their hand.  If any one that reads this has a playground and or classroom referral you would like to share with us, please send it my way...we'd love to see copies of what you all use.  You can e-mail it to me at socalteacherstuff@gmail.com.  Fancy, huh?  Thanks in advance!

Now, for all you bucket fillers...do you do this school wide?  I was mentioning it to my principal and she had never heard of it before.  My daughter came home last week talking about it.  I need to go get the book for myself and then share with others.  Anyone use Inch and Miles?  We're looking for fun and interesting and learning all at the same time!

Well, now that I have rambled about very little, time for some dinner.  While the weather may not say "fall", my calendar does and so do my taste buds...tonight it yummy chicken tortilla soup, minus the evil tortillas!  Happy Monday!


  1. You are not a bad blogger. You are a busy blogger. You already get the award for being a teacher. That makes you a super hero already.

  2. Thanks, Underground! How's the job going? I would like to blog daily about the goings on at school, but sometimes its all I can do to rest and relax for 5 minutes a day! I love my class this year, but they are wearing me out!