Introducing addition

I had hoped to post earlier, just some randomness through the day and stuff, but we had to make a trip to Walmart, which takes like half the day.  Then I had to come home, make lunch, put away groceries...you know the drill! 

I sat down a bit ago to work on my lesson plans.  We are finally getting to addition.  We have been doing other math, as the district pacing guide committee (which I was on, but didn't agree with their planning) had us working with shapes and patterns before the "importatn" stuff.  So, we will finally begin this week with adding.  It's the "Understanding Addition" in our math (enVision), and it goes really fast.  Unfortunately, there isn't enough time in the year to move at a snails pace, so we will continue to go at mach 4, like every year! 

Anyway, as I have said before, my kids are CRAZY for cereal math.  They love to use the cereal and then eat it of course.  I have had a few parents send in cereal, but not enough to keep us in cereal for the whole month.  While at Walmart the other day (I seem to be there a lot, but really I don't go that often!), I saw some blueberry shredded wheat cereal - the Malt O-Meal kind that was a buck a bag.  So I bought 2 bags and will use them for math time.  Nutitious and helpful with math.  The kids will get 6 (and 7) pieces of cereal and will shake it in their cup, roll it out and show the different ways to make 6 (and 7 later in the lesson).  I then made these cute little math sheets to go with it.  I just love when I find a cute image online that goes perfect with what I am doing! 

Here are the two sheets we will be using tomorrow for the math - adding 6 and adding 7.  I figure my kids will learn more with being able to eat the cereal.  I am hoping to make one for adding 8 and 9, but I will probably use counters rather than cereal.  It's cheaper, I already have them and the kids need to learn to use something other than cereal, too! 

I hope you can use these pages!  Happy adding!

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