I'll blame the weather

Wow!  Today was a very strange and emotionally draining day.  Well, the night was draining, the day was weird.  I'll blame the weather - rain already and get on with life!  These clouds coming in and out from the desert are driving me nuts. 

This morning, one of my kids lost his tooth.  I don't know how long he had help it, but when they went to do their work, he told me it fell out.  I saw it and went to get an envelope for him to put it in.  By the time I walked from his desk to my desk and back to his desk, the tooth was gone.  He dropped it!  UGH!  I hate teeth more than anything.  Loose teeth just disgust me.  And yes, my daughter has 2 loose teeth and I am dreading the day they fall out.  Anyway, I looked everywhere for it.  I had all my kids on the floor on their hands and knees looking for it.  It was nowhere to be found.  I am thinking a kid pocketed it, hoping the tooth fairy will come to his/her house.  Yuck!  But, the really bizarre thing...this happened a couple weeks ago with another kid.  His tooth fell out and instead of telling me, he carried it around and lost it in the room.  We were in the "loaner" room when my A/C went out, but still.  I have never had a kid lose their tooth that just fell out and I have had two in about 3 or 4 weeks.  Gross! 

We had collaboration today and it is going so much better now that one of the teachers is not participating with us.  We even got one of the other teachers who is very reluctant to join in with us to join with us for a Johnny Appleseed day.  I wrote out our notes, sent them to all the teachers like I always do, even to the one who doesn't meet with us, but still needs to know what's going on with 1st grade.  So tonight, I check my school e-mail like the nerd I am and I have the rudest letter from her telling me how callous and unprofessional I am and that I am imparting my personal issues onto her kids.  I was very mad about it when I first read it and still get upset (I have read it about 100 times since 5:00 when I read it), but now I am more sad.  This has been her attitude for the last 4 years.  We are all out to get her, we never do anything with her, etc.  During the meeting, which she wasn't at, though she was invited, I asked the other teachers about including her kids.  2 of the others didn't really want to, but I did say they are 1st graders and it isn't their fault their teacher treats us they way she does.  I just didn't put in the e-mail that her kids were included.  My fault there, but her reaction was a bit much.  I don't know what personal issues she is talking about, but I don't go to work to make friends.  I go to work to teach little kids.  I am more than happy to take her kids and we talked about splitting them up 2 in each class.  Oh well.  I shouldn't let it bother me, but I can tell you I won't sleep well tonight. 

In the perfect world, we would all get along.  There would be no hatred and animosity towards each other, but we don't live there.  I am so upset by this, but don't really have anyone to talk to, other than hubby (out at work).  I am in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation with her and don't see it getting any better.  I seriously thought of telling my principal I don't want to be team lead anymore, though I like it.  It's too much stress already and I don't need it.  I sent the e-mail to the principal with my PC response, in my head using every 4 letter word I could think of.  I hope the principal sees where we are coming from and also realizes where the other one is coming from, too. 

I really hope tomorrow is a better day. 


  1. Sorry you had to go through this. I had a difficult coworker one time. She didn't like me the moment she looked at me. She just chose not to like me. Just like that. I could understand if she had an actual conversation with me or had gotten to know me just a little and decided not to like me. That would be totally cool. Not everyone likes everyone. I can accept that, but we never had a single conversation.

    She blew up at me in front of the other teachers for no reason at all. Went to the teacher coach, and we had to have mediation. Didn't like that thinking that adults should be able to handle things much better. The coach agreed to sit in on mediation with the administrators.

    Guess what? I didn't have to say one single word. Whatever anger that girl had towards me was evident. She showed her true colors, and it didn't matter how much I tried to do something to get along or make peace.

    I didn't want to go to mediation, but, after I did and she showed her true colors to all of the administrators, the stress amazingly left my body, and I didn't give a rats ass after that. She made herself look bad, and I was cool with that. I was just glad other folks could see it. That was all I needed.

    Hope that story helps. If not, I can send her a virtual punch in the face or have a venus fly trap swoop in and bite her head off. At least the imagery brings a smile. :)

  2. Oh, and that lady told the administrators that I was intimidated by her. They made her ask me why I was intimidated by her. I sat there quietly, with my hands folded in my lap, never wavering, and stated simply and even toned, "I am not intimidated at all. You just aren't very nice."