I love you, short work week!

I am glad this is a short week.  It's a nice little break in the long year.  From now til November will be long, but we can make it!  I may have to take a *sick* day in there somewhere to head to Disneyland or Legoland for some R&R, but I am not thinking of that til October!  ;)

These last 2 days have flown by.  Yesterday went by at warp speed.  We did so much and the kids were so good.  I have to say, I am pretty blessed with my class.  While I have a large group of kids that are below grade level, they are all very sweet and nice and most are eager to learn.  There are a couple that I hope I can help and make a difference, but I don't know.  I think their needs are greater than what I can give them, and with little support at home, it's hard.  I am hoping they mature a bit, but I am also hoping they can get a little extra intervention help, too. 

My kids are absolutely crazy for cereal math.  I don't know who had it on their blog way back when, but you are a genious!  My kids live for it, but unfortuantely, their parents aren't too with it on going and buying me cereal.  I had 4 kids bring some in, but they were the small boxes of like shredded wheat.  No kid wants that, but we will use it next week for adding small numbers.  Yum!  I learned I love Captain Crunch (or the generic Malt-o-meal one), but that is so bad for my Weight Watchers points.  (Still doing it, but my weight loss has slowed dramatically, making me a very cranky mommy!  I'm sure the In-N-Out tonight didn't help that either, nor the fact that is was over 100* at 6pm, so no walking for me!)  Anyway, I have turned a couple teachers on to cereal math and their kids love it, too!

Here are a some current pics of my classroom in it's current state of occupancy!  Enjoy!
Clifford graph - what color we would change Clifford to

Working on AB patterns

Matter information

My word wall...more on that another day...but I love my word wall!

My focus group kids working on a word sort...easy, but they were racing each other!

I am so thankful that my other 1st grade teaching partner was able to take my kids this morning.  My daughter got an award at school, so I got to my school late.  Her school did such a good job on the assembly for Patriot Day, though none of the kids were even born during that time!  I am glad I was able to see her get her award and be so proud! 

But now it's time for bed.  Or grading papers.  Or staring at the TV waiting for my room to cool off.  These days of 100*+ days zap it out of me.  But soccer practice doesn't help, either! 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Yeah, I'm lovin' the short week too! Normally I don't like staff development days but we had one yesterday, (Tuesday) and Wow! Now it's a REALLY short week! Come on Friday!!

  2. I LOVE that clifford graph because I would make him purple too lol

  3. Just found you! I've been reading all of your old posts!!! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher