Good thing blogging isn't an Olympic sport

Well, I have to give myself some credit.  I did blog for a couple days at the beginning of last week, but then life got busy and blogging took a backseat.  I have so much I want to blog about, but there just isn't enough time and something's gotta give. 

I can't believe that I have been in school for almost 4 weeks.  We are in school and chugging along like we have been in school for months.  My kids are doing well, making good growth and going with the flow.  It just seems like there isn't enough time to get things done.  I don't know what's happening this year, but we are so busy, yet we are behind.  Already.  I had to adjust my yearly calendar already to make the changes needed to get everything in that I need to do.  Good thing I had room in the beginning of the year with nothing planned! 

I was going through my camera looking at pics I have taken since school started.  I thought I took a lot more, but sometimes there isn't time and we are just in the moment and doing things.  Here are some things we have done this year...in no particular order!

Tie dying our shirts - We ended up following another teacher's suggestion and I was disappointed in how they turned out, but the kids had fun doing it and they are so happy to wear them on Tuesdays!  

We were studying the color words and we graphed our favorite colors and made a rainbow. 

After finishing our first Topic in math, the kids used their Cheerios to represent the numbers 1 - 12. 

We did a shape sort the day we were sent to Siberia when the A/C went out.  It was a nice, easy lesson to do that took little teacher action!

I didn't take any pictures last week.  None.  I guess I will try better this week.  All the things I had planned to do weren't done.  We didn't make the ice cream, as it was going to be pretty pricey for me to do on my own.  The parents already seem to be tired of sending in stuff.  We are going to study mixtures this week for science and are making a trail mixture on Friday.  I asked for things and got 4 bags of stuff - 2 bags of pretzels and 2 bags of mini marshmallows, one of which is old, stale and hard.  Yuck!  I got some raisins and chocolate chips today and I hope I get a couple more things this week. 

My kids' favorite thing to do this year - cereal math!  We do it 2 - 3 days a week and each day is different.  We counted and sorted this last week.  This coming week, we are learning about patterns, so I went and bought generic fruit loops to help make patterns.  Their favorite part - eating it of course.  But hey, if it makes them like math, I'll do it! 

Well, I feel as if a migraine is trying to come on.  Not a good way to end the weekend when there are still lesson plans to do!  Here's to a great week at school...and the long haul between now and Veteran's Day...our next day off!  Happy Monday!

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