Long overdue post

Oh my word!  I can't believe how far behind I have gotten on life.  I can't seem to catch up at all, and when I try, there is a million more things that I need to do.  So in other words, there is no catching up going on!  But, I will try to get some things out there for you to see!

Here is my classroom!  It still looks the same, really, as we haven't put anything up yet.  Nothing is really "up" worthy, but we will do something tomorrow that will go up on the walls.  No one comes in to see it, so I am not too worried. 

Here is the room looking at it from the door.  It's a long narrow portable, so it looks like a cave!

Here is the board.  Not exciting, huh?!

My calendar area.  It also has my math wall, or what I have done as a math wall for now. 

My word wall, next to my calendar.  I like to practice the words in the morning daily (once they get up there) so the kids know what they are and where they are.  I will get words up next week!

My library and game area.  There are my crates that I made and never posted.  I made 4 of them, but now I want to make more.  The kids love them and think they are the greatest thing in the world. 

My work wall.  This is where I will hang their work (mostly art and writing projects).  My cubbies are there, too!  Most of the kids can reach them! 

My writing area.  This is where I will post their weekly writing they do.  I have always done one on the first Friday, but the day came and went so fast that we didn't get it done.  :(

My reading group table and the center table for word games.  That's my only window and it gets the morning sun. 

My desk area...it's still this messy or worse.  I need to stay tomorrow and clean it so I can actually use my desk after school. 

I am done with all my beginning of the year assessing.  I have my work cut out for me with some of the kids, but I can handle it!  Nothing I haven't done before.  They seem to be a pretty good bunch, but today they were losing their minds.  I had a kid punch another student as they were "playing" and then another little girl decided she wanted to touch everyone in line.  Crazy! 

We have been reviewing the color words this week.  Tomorrow they will get to make a rainbow that we will hang up.  It's one of my favorite projects.  We also made a graph this week of our favorite color and wrote about something of a certain color.  The kids seem to be having fun, and that's what counts. 

Tomorrow we are dying t-shirts for our Tie-Dyed Tuesdays.  We have our Peaceful Playground day that day and the kids will wear their shirts then if they like.  They can wear them any day, but Tuesday would be the best!  Hopefully I will remember the camera tomorrow to take pics of all the fun!

We are in the midst of a possible shake up at the school.  We are low in 1st grade with our numbers and the kindergarten is over a bit in their classes.  There are several sites that are really high in classes and a few that are really low.  So, there will be some moving around.  But, I guess our genious governor signed some bill to cut busing come January, so the district doesn't know if they want to move kids to an overflow school or keep them at their home school.  If they were to keep them at school, we would make a K/1 combo.  Not fun at all...I did it a few years ago and didn't feel I did my best teaching at all.  But luckily, it wouldn't be me!  It would be the teacher with the least seniority, who happens to be the one who doesn't get a long with any us of.  She would lose some of her 1st graders and get some kinders.  We would get the 1st graders into our rooms then.  In my perfect world, she could go elsewhere, but I don't see that happening.  I can hope and pray, but I don't know if that would work!  But, they aren't making any decisions this week, so it's still a waiting game. 

Next week will be the "big" week for the kids.  They will finally get homework, they will switch for intervention time and they will have completed their first math test.  Big league now!  And with intervention, the 2 teachers who don't want to work with us aren't switching their kids.  And I am OK with it!  I don't want them to have my kids, nor do I want their kids!  I will be taking the higher kids for now, and there are 9.  9 out of 32 kids that we have within our group.  We have about 30 of our kids in ELD, so the rest are going to go between high, medium and low.  I was very lucky and was given a fairly high group.  Mind you, my lows are really low, but I have no middles.  Just high and low.  Interesting dynamics! 

Well, I still have a million and a half things to do tonight.  TGI almost F!


  1. I've seen those little crate chairs on Pinterest and they are just so adorable!

  2. Your room looks fabulous! So spacious :) I hope the whole combo/split thing works out in your favor!

  3. I had no idea you were in a portable! Your room looks great!