Just a few hours left

Oh my word! I can't believe that tomorrow is the day. I will be ready, but I'm not there yet! I noticed I have a row of mess - my desk, a table and my teacher table all have piles. Guess I should organize it, put it away and be ready for tomorrow morning.

I got a lot done yesterday, but no pictures. I forgot the camera, as I was all upset after taking my daughter to kinder. I got lots of pics of her, and then leftbthe camera at home. Maybe I will remember today!

My room finally got cleaned on Friday. It looks much better, so I am now able to better embrace my room and start to love it. I am loving all my little owls around the room and can't wait tom get some work up to make it look like a real room! Lots of stuff planned, lots of stuff tomdo, lots of fun and learning to take over!

I have about a million ideas of things to do these next three days, yet I need to narrow it down and make a decision. I guess it all depends on how much i get done tonight at home. So much to do, so little time.

Happy Tuesday! In 24 hours i will be a bundle of nerves waiting for the new little kids to come in! Yikes!

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