I've lost it...and can't find it

My blogging mojo that is. I just haven't gotten into the groove of work and wanting to blog. There are have been a million and a half things to do after school, and blogging hasn't been on the top of the list. It sucks, but something has to give.

Anyway, here the lowdown from the last week or so. It hasn't been horribly exciting, but that is OK, too. Just crazy how fast the days are going. We are now on the third week of school and it goes quicker every day! Yikes!

* we will have a k/1 combo class staring next week. That means we will be getting some new kids in our classes. And they will be low. I guess the k/1 teacher will get high Kinders and high 1sts so they can be independent workers. Some we get the low kids. I can handle it, but it still kinda sucks. I'll meet my new kids next week and go from there. Good times!

* our kids overall are doing well. We have some freaky kids this year, but they can learn. I am amazed at how awful the behavior of some kids can be when they are only 6. I makes me sad that they have had such bad lives already that they don't know any other way to behave other than to act out.

* we are chugging along through our work. A lot of my kids are working really hard. I love seeing the ones who are so happy and eager to learn and will do anything you say. I can already see some kids making huge growth after just a couple weeks of really working hard. Some of them just make my heart melt. One of my little guys tells me everyday he loves me and he loves school. Too cute!

* I need to start teaching my kids art. They have very little skills in artsy stuff. I blame the state standards. They are so much higher now and the kinder teachers are teaching things that weren't taught before and the things that used to be taught - coloring, cutting, painting - are ignored now. It's sad that kids miss out, especially since a lot of them don't do that stuff at home. There are a few, but not too many. Hmmmm.

* winter needs to come now. It was 105 yesterday and today. It was 95 when we got home at 7:30 tonight. Gross! The kids were very feisty and a bit nutty today and I blame the heat. I can do 90's and be fine, but over 100 sucks. Sorry for you all in Texas, but this is for the birds!

* just 2 more days this week. I am looking forward to the weekend to recharge and be ready for next week. My kids are on a roll and it's fun to watch them learn. I wish they were all that way, but I need to work on a few of the kids and get them into learning.

Happy Wednesday! Hopefully I will post again tomorrow!


  1. Well I've missed your posts :) Glad things seem to be going pretty well so far. I think a K/1 split is the very worst split to have. I feel sad for that teacher.

  2. You haven't lost your blog mojo at all. It is the beginning of the school year. A teacher's job is always difficult, but the beginning of the year and the end of the year are most difficult. A lot of people feel bad for middle school teachers, but I seriously don't understand how teachers of the little ones do it. I couldn't teach those little guys without a nap. I commend y'all. It takes special people to do these things.

    This is the time of year that a good day is getting up, going to school, getting through the day without hurting a child, coming home and feeding your family before you fall asleep sitting up by 7:00 pm. The first few weeks of school is all about making it through the day. That is enough. When you adjust, you will be doing your thing, and your readers will always be here!