I just want to cry

So, yeah, this is a pity post.  Yesterday, we had the hottest day so far (until today, anyway when it's supposed to be, on average 108) this summer.  And, my A/C went out.  Yep, I said it...MY A/C WENT OUT!  As in died.  That was at 9am when school started.  By 9:45, the room was too hot to stay in any longer, so we had to go out to one of the empty classrooms.  Let me tell you - they should just send us home.  The room, since it's empty, is dirty, smelly, dusty with only 17 desks for my 19 kids, the desks are filthy and there is NOTHING in the room.  We made like 8 trips back and forth to the room to get what we needed.  By the end of the day, if was so effing hot that I could not work to get stuff ready for today.  I think the room was about 95+ degrees.  So I just left.  I have nothing ready for today, nothing ready for next week.  NOTHING!  And I am sure today I will be out in BFE "teaching" with my very limited take-what-you-can-carry supplies, a dirty room and not enough seating.  Good times, good times.  Thank goodness it's Friday!  But I may have to get cozy in the room for a bit til they fix it...if they can.  Oh and did I mention the room is used for the after school program, so it's not like I can leave my stuff there and have it there the next day?  This sucks!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Wow, that is terrible! I know we gripe in the Midwest if it's 85 and the ac doesn't work. I feel foryou :(