First day highlights

So the first day has come on gone. Thank goodness! I don't love the first day, but the rest are all pretty good. Here are a few highlights of the day, as. I am too tired to go into detail!

* I had 18 of my 19 show up. Not bad, but we were hoping to have to collapse a class. Not a good thought, but it would make life easier. We can go to 24 per contract, so we will see how the rest of the week goes with kids coming to school.

* I had 2 criers today. One cried for about 5 minutes. Te other wailed and cried like a baby for 45 freaking minutes. It was insane and threw me off for the morning. He finally stopped, and joined in with the rest of the class. I found out later he was supposed to be retained, but they moved him on since our numbers were low. Huh.

* I didn't get half the stuff done I had planned. I have a lot of slugs in the room! They were very slow today. I hope it picks up a bit.

* I have a few boys who are so well behaved...at least today. They were kind, polite and good helpers. So cute!

* My kids seem a little more artistic than in them last few years. They can at least color neatly which is more than I can say for last years group. A good sign!

* we have a new automated lunch system. It's so hi tech that it didn't work for all of us. Nightmare lunch time! At least they just sent the kids through to get lunch and we were able to eat fairly quickly!

*Well, it's time for my daughter to go to bed. I'm not that far behind her tonight. It was a long day and I am beat. Here's to another great day tomorrow, minus the crying and wailing!


  1. Sounds like a pretty good day!!! Happy for you! Have a good second one :)

  2. Thanks! Imwas pretty happy with it, once the crying stopped. I am looking forward toma great day tomorrow!

  3. Criers are no fun. I actually always cry myself when I get home after the first day. Isn't that pathetic? It's just always such an exhausting day...hope the rest of your week goes well.
    PS my husband didn't land the job in CA (they told him that he was their second choice - like that makes much of a difference!). It's all good though, b/c we still have our jobs in Idaho.

  4. All in all, sounds like a pretty good first day! Too bad about all the crying though - I'm worried that I will be the one to cry on our first day, haha :)