Busy week..full steam ahead

So, this will be one of the busiest weeks in long time. I am feeling the crunch. Here is my week in a nutshell. For those of you still with a lot of vacation, enjoy. For those of you back to work, I'm sorry...I'll be there in a week.

Monday: open house for my daughter's school, run to school and do some things, grocery shopping for my new "way of eating".

Tuesday: go to school, work there as long as my daughter will allow; shopping for back to school stuff

Wednesday: orientation for my daughters school, story time at the library, work at school, soccer practice, soccerRent meeting til 8

Thursday: work at school,spend time with my girl

Friday: story time craft, work at school,maybe, try and go somewhere fun, but not crowded.

Weekend: oh my word...I don't know! Cry a lot since my baby is no longer a baby and will be in school.

The good thing is once school starts, there wil be a routine. I will have so much to do, but I will actually get it done since I will be on a time crunch and will have no other thing to do! Yikes!

Happy Monday!

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