Another Monday down

I love Mondays when they go according to plan.  Today was one of those days, thank goodness.  All the stars must have been aligned just right.  My A/C worked (we were only 106 today!) and my room was nice and chilly. All my kids were there, so we got some good learning in.  Most of the kids were very well behaved, so there was little time out of teaching.  But man, I am tired! 

We have our 1st benchmark tests this week.  They are mostly on the kinder standards, but they throw in stuff the kids might not have learned in Kinder, depending on who their teacher is.  I gave them both today, as they have just 13 questions on them for both LA and math.  I haven't looked at the math one yet, but they look pretty good from what I saw.  On LA, they did OK.  I have a couple miss 3 out of 13, but most missed 1 or 2 simply because they weren't thinking.  I have heard from the others that their kids didn't do so hot, but I feel pretty good about my kids.  I have quite a few low ones tho, so I have my work cut out for me.  I feel really bad for the kids whose parents don't/can't/won't speak English and then get mad at them when the child doesn't know what is going on.  Maybe if they (the parent) learned the language, even just a little, then the story would be different.  Enough on that tonight! 

We are learning about matter in science (oh how boring!!!).  The kids seem to be doing OK with it.  I am hoping on Friday to make ice cream.  I need to buy the stuff and try it at home first.  Next week we will look at mixtures and make some jello and also some trail mix...if all my donations come through! 
Hopefully I will remember pictures! 

On Wednesday we will get our new kids from the closing of the 1st grade class into a K-1.  I don't agree with how it was done, but I didn't take the class, so I can't complain too much.  The teacher is getting rid of all her EL's and low kids and keeping her high 1st's and getting high K's.  What a deal.  I am getting 3 of her EL's to put me at 22.  I haven't had that many kids in a long time.  Yikes!  Of course I am getting one boy who is supposed to be separated from one of my kids, as they caused problems together.  So now I will have all 3 boys who were supposed to be separated from each other in my class.  Yippee!  Just what a teacher wants. 

I am hoping tomorrow goes as smoothly as today went.  We have collaboration tomorrow, but the ice queen won't be collaborating with us anymore.  That should make our lives a bit easier...I hope! 

Happy Monday!

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  1. Glad you have A/C and things are going according to plan. Don't you just love it when things work out that way? Celebrate. Oh, it is actually like 82 degrees here which happens like never. I mean, it is 1:30pm here in the south, and it is 82 degrees. Right after Irene traveled by and brought crazy weather, it was back into the high 90's. Whatever. I am not complaining. Better take a walk while I can. Hope you get to make ice cream with your kids.

    Underground Teacher