The Alphabet Tree activity & printable

A while back, I had posted about the book The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni. 

I love how the book ties in beginning writing with showing how the letters can join together and make words and then the words can join together to make sentences.  I haven't quite figured out when I am going to read it to my kids, but I will do it within the first couple weeks of school.  I made these cute little leaves so the kids can make their own alphabet tree.  

I will copy them onto green construction paper and have the kids cut them out - good fine motor skill practice!  Then, depending on their level, they can put letters, words or sentences on their leaves and make it into a cute tree.  All you would need is a brown trunk  and maybe a little bee, if you are so inclined! 



  1. I've never heard of this book, but it definitely sounds awesome! I love the activity you suggested :D

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I found the book at a used bookstore. I bought it simply because it was by Leo Lionni, but once I read it, I loved it! I hope you can find it and use it!