Tomorrow begins our first day with our new kids.  Mine seem very sweet and eager to learn.  They were all at the school in Kindergarten, so they know most of the kids in my class.  We got their books and materials from the other teacher, so they are ready to go.  I am ready to go and get working on learning now that the change has taken place and I have my kids set! 

I am trying to be real go-with-the-flow about things.  I wish others would, too.  2 of the other teachers are in pure b!tch mode about it.  They are upset that the kids are low, and EL and a slight behavior problem.  It's not like we get to pick the kids we get - EVER!  We had the chance to take the combo class, but no one did, so it went to the teacher with the least seniority.  And as it worked out, she is getting 7 high 1st graders and 11 high kinders.  Which makes the others freak out that they have the lows.  WHATEVER. 

In the schools I have taught at, which are all Title 1 schools, high EL population schools, etc, the majority of the kids come in below grade level.  It is our job as a teacher to work with them and get them as far as they can go.  It would be nice if they were at grade level, but it isnt the norm, however sad that may be.  It used to bother me, but after a couple years teaching, I realized how far behind these kids were when they entered Kinder and how much progress they had made in the one year.  So now, I know that they have worked hard to get where they are and it's my job to get them as far as they can go this year.  Unfortuantely, others don't believe this and think that they can bitch and moan when the kids they get are not at grade level.  Well, they went as far as they could go last year! 

But, on that same not, it's really sad to me this year that our EL's are so much lower than they have been in the past.  The last couple years, they have been higher than the EO's.  But this year, they aren't.  And I am not sure why that is the case.  It makes me sad to see the kids so far behind, knowing they have so much more to learn than some of the others.  I do have a couple of really high EL's, but most aren't so lucky. 

So tomorrow, I will embrace my new kids.  I will continue teaching what we have been doing, even though they have already done it, since the teacher doesn't care what the pacing guide says and does her own thing anyway.  Um, that's why we have a pacing guide, but I guess that is a post for another day!  I look forward to working with my new kids and seeing how far they can go! 

Happy Tuesday!

Oh, and hubby just booked a mini trip for the weekend.  Santa Barbara here we come...by train!  Yippee!


Another Monday down

I love Mondays when they go according to plan.  Today was one of those days, thank goodness.  All the stars must have been aligned just right.  My A/C worked (we were only 106 today!) and my room was nice and chilly. All my kids were there, so we got some good learning in.  Most of the kids were very well behaved, so there was little time out of teaching.  But man, I am tired! 

We have our 1st benchmark tests this week.  They are mostly on the kinder standards, but they throw in stuff the kids might not have learned in Kinder, depending on who their teacher is.  I gave them both today, as they have just 13 questions on them for both LA and math.  I haven't looked at the math one yet, but they look pretty good from what I saw.  On LA, they did OK.  I have a couple miss 3 out of 13, but most missed 1 or 2 simply because they weren't thinking.  I have heard from the others that their kids didn't do so hot, but I feel pretty good about my kids.  I have quite a few low ones tho, so I have my work cut out for me.  I feel really bad for the kids whose parents don't/can't/won't speak English and then get mad at them when the child doesn't know what is going on.  Maybe if they (the parent) learned the language, even just a little, then the story would be different.  Enough on that tonight! 

We are learning about matter in science (oh how boring!!!).  The kids seem to be doing OK with it.  I am hoping on Friday to make ice cream.  I need to buy the stuff and try it at home first.  Next week we will look at mixtures and make some jello and also some trail mix...if all my donations come through! 
Hopefully I will remember pictures! 

On Wednesday we will get our new kids from the closing of the 1st grade class into a K-1.  I don't agree with how it was done, but I didn't take the class, so I can't complain too much.  The teacher is getting rid of all her EL's and low kids and keeping her high 1st's and getting high K's.  What a deal.  I am getting 3 of her EL's to put me at 22.  I haven't had that many kids in a long time.  Yikes!  Of course I am getting one boy who is supposed to be separated from one of my kids, as they caused problems together.  So now I will have all 3 boys who were supposed to be separated from each other in my class.  Yippee!  Just what a teacher wants. 

I am hoping tomorrow goes as smoothly as today went.  We have collaboration tomorrow, but the ice queen won't be collaborating with us anymore.  That should make our lives a bit easier...I hope! 

Happy Monday!


New week, new attitude

So let me tell ya...last week sucked.  Just the whole week in general was icky.  And hot.  And sweaty.  It just ended badly all around.  But, today is the beginning of a new week and I am going to do my darndest to make it a good week! 

I am really hoping my A/C is fixed.  It worked all day Friday with me NOT in the room, so I hope it works all day tomorrow with me IN the room.  It is way too hard to teach effectively without all the tools we have grown to love.  Like my ELMO.  And my own clean board.  And a room that is bright and cheery, not all stark white and dirty.  Anyway, my kids were really good with the change, but I felt like I was babysitting them.  My fault as I wasn't as engaged as I normally am, but I was very upset with my room situation and I didn't have 95% of what I needed to teach.  I moved my stuff back to my room, but I haven't unpacked it yet.  I am still waiting for them to tell me tomorrow that I have to move.  The room I am in has had problems for years, yet they never fix the big problem (needing a new unit), rather they fix the little problem and hope it goes away.  And then a week later, something else goes wrong and they are back to fix it again.  But, this is what happens when people try to save a buck - they end up spending more in the long run than they would have if they did it right the first time. 

Anyway, I really like my class.  We are moving along in every subject, but it stills feels like I am stuck.  I think my writing time is what is making me feel that way, but I don't know how to change it.  I need to look into it and see what I can do differently.  I think I have been going over the same thing for too long; now I just need to get in there and make something happen.  So, after we take our benchmark tests this week, I will do just that - jump into writing and see what happens! 

I am hoping this week to make ice cream with my kids.  Seems easy enough.  We are studying matter (ugh, it's boring) and I want to show kids different things.  Last Friday, we turned frozed ice cream into a liquid and drank it.  This week I want to make the ice cream and show them how it goes from a liquid to a (semi) solid.  Next week we are going to talk about mixtures, so I hope to bring in some Jello as well as goodies to make a big trail mix for them.  We'll see how it goes.  And we'll see if I remember to take pics - I have my camera with me, but I forget to use it! 

We are also working on short a word families this week.  A lot of the kids get it, but they still struggle with what they are in the same family.  So, I made this little word sort that we will do whole group sometime this week.  I will glue the families to paper and then the kids can glue the words on where they go.  Hopefully they will see that the letters are the same and that they all make the same sound.  Seems so simple, but...Here is the word sort words we will be using.  Enjoy!

Well, this was also a bad week (for me anyway) with my weight watchers weight loss.  Today was my 4th weigh in.  For the last 3, I had lost at least 2 pounds.  But this last week, it was so hot, we didn't do our walks, I ate more crap than I should have and it showed.  I lost .6 pounds.  It didn't bother me til I got home and started to think about it.  Hubby said it's still losing, but it seems like nothing.  I have to get back on track this week and make it up.  I am down 7.2 pounds all together, but I am waiting for those bigger numbers so I can see more of a loss.  I am still in the same size clothes, but now they are big.  I can't wait to go down a size, but it seems like it may never come!  But I am trying and that's what counts. 

Time to go get dinner started.  Thinking a whole wheat pasta dish with zucchini, eggplant and a bit of sauce and cheese sounds good tonight.  I can't wait for fall when it's cool enough to make a nice soup or something else equally as yummy! 

Happy Sunday!


Thank goodness it's Friday

It's hot (111 today), I wasn't in my room (it's a long walk on black asphalt) and I am tired.  I felt like a babysitter today with not having my stuff, but the day is over, my A/C might be fixed and it's Friday.  Amen!  Time to "watch" a movie with my eyes closed and get ready to melt tomorrow at soccer.  More on my week tomorrow.  I hope.

I just want to cry

So, yeah, this is a pity post.  Yesterday, we had the hottest day so far (until today, anyway when it's supposed to be, on average 108) this summer.  And, my A/C went out.  Yep, I said it...MY A/C WENT OUT!  As in died.  That was at 9am when school started.  By 9:45, the room was too hot to stay in any longer, so we had to go out to one of the empty classrooms.  Let me tell you - they should just send us home.  The room, since it's empty, is dirty, smelly, dusty with only 17 desks for my 19 kids, the desks are filthy and there is NOTHING in the room.  We made like 8 trips back and forth to the room to get what we needed.  By the end of the day, if was so effing hot that I could not work to get stuff ready for today.  I think the room was about 95+ degrees.  So I just left.  I have nothing ready for today, nothing ready for next week.  NOTHING!  And I am sure today I will be out in BFE "teaching" with my very limited take-what-you-can-carry supplies, a dirty room and not enough seating.  Good times, good times.  Thank goodness it's Friday!  But I may have to get cozy in the room for a bit til they fix it...if they can.  Oh and did I mention the room is used for the after school program, so it's not like I can leave my stuff there and have it there the next day?  This sucks!  Happy Friday!


I've lost it...and can't find it

My blogging mojo that is. I just haven't gotten into the groove of work and wanting to blog. There are have been a million and a half things to do after school, and blogging hasn't been on the top of the list. It sucks, but something has to give.

Anyway, here the lowdown from the last week or so. It hasn't been horribly exciting, but that is OK, too. Just crazy how fast the days are going. We are now on the third week of school and it goes quicker every day! Yikes!

* we will have a k/1 combo class staring next week. That means we will be getting some new kids in our classes. And they will be low. I guess the k/1 teacher will get high Kinders and high 1sts so they can be independent workers. Some we get the low kids. I can handle it, but it still kinda sucks. I'll meet my new kids next week and go from there. Good times!

* our kids overall are doing well. We have some freaky kids this year, but they can learn. I am amazed at how awful the behavior of some kids can be when they are only 6. I makes me sad that they have had such bad lives already that they don't know any other way to behave other than to act out.

* we are chugging along through our work. A lot of my kids are working really hard. I love seeing the ones who are so happy and eager to learn and will do anything you say. I can already see some kids making huge growth after just a couple weeks of really working hard. Some of them just make my heart melt. One of my little guys tells me everyday he loves me and he loves school. Too cute!

* I need to start teaching my kids art. They have very little skills in artsy stuff. I blame the state standards. They are so much higher now and the kinder teachers are teaching things that weren't taught before and the things that used to be taught - coloring, cutting, painting - are ignored now. It's sad that kids miss out, especially since a lot of them don't do that stuff at home. There are a few, but not too many. Hmmmm.

* winter needs to come now. It was 105 yesterday and today. It was 95 when we got home at 7:30 tonight. Gross! The kids were very feisty and a bit nutty today and I blame the heat. I can do 90's and be fine, but over 100 sucks. Sorry for you all in Texas, but this is for the birds!

* just 2 more days this week. I am looking forward to the weekend to recharge and be ready for next week. My kids are on a roll and it's fun to watch them learn. I wish they were all that way, but I need to work on a few of the kids and get them into learning.

Happy Wednesday! Hopefully I will post again tomorrow!


Long overdue post

Oh my word!  I can't believe how far behind I have gotten on life.  I can't seem to catch up at all, and when I try, there is a million more things that I need to do.  So in other words, there is no catching up going on!  But, I will try to get some things out there for you to see!

Here is my classroom!  It still looks the same, really, as we haven't put anything up yet.  Nothing is really "up" worthy, but we will do something tomorrow that will go up on the walls.  No one comes in to see it, so I am not too worried. 

Here is the room looking at it from the door.  It's a long narrow portable, so it looks like a cave!

Here is the board.  Not exciting, huh?!

My calendar area.  It also has my math wall, or what I have done as a math wall for now. 

My word wall, next to my calendar.  I like to practice the words in the morning daily (once they get up there) so the kids know what they are and where they are.  I will get words up next week!

My library and game area.  There are my crates that I made and never posted.  I made 4 of them, but now I want to make more.  The kids love them and think they are the greatest thing in the world. 

My work wall.  This is where I will hang their work (mostly art and writing projects).  My cubbies are there, too!  Most of the kids can reach them! 

My writing area.  This is where I will post their weekly writing they do.  I have always done one on the first Friday, but the day came and went so fast that we didn't get it done.  :(

My reading group table and the center table for word games.  That's my only window and it gets the morning sun. 

My desk area...it's still this messy or worse.  I need to stay tomorrow and clean it so I can actually use my desk after school. 

I am done with all my beginning of the year assessing.  I have my work cut out for me with some of the kids, but I can handle it!  Nothing I haven't done before.  They seem to be a pretty good bunch, but today they were losing their minds.  I had a kid punch another student as they were "playing" and then another little girl decided she wanted to touch everyone in line.  Crazy! 

We have been reviewing the color words this week.  Tomorrow they will get to make a rainbow that we will hang up.  It's one of my favorite projects.  We also made a graph this week of our favorite color and wrote about something of a certain color.  The kids seem to be having fun, and that's what counts. 

Tomorrow we are dying t-shirts for our Tie-Dyed Tuesdays.  We have our Peaceful Playground day that day and the kids will wear their shirts then if they like.  They can wear them any day, but Tuesday would be the best!  Hopefully I will remember the camera tomorrow to take pics of all the fun!

We are in the midst of a possible shake up at the school.  We are low in 1st grade with our numbers and the kindergarten is over a bit in their classes.  There are several sites that are really high in classes and a few that are really low.  So, there will be some moving around.  But, I guess our genious governor signed some bill to cut busing come January, so the district doesn't know if they want to move kids to an overflow school or keep them at their home school.  If they were to keep them at school, we would make a K/1 combo.  Not fun at all...I did it a few years ago and didn't feel I did my best teaching at all.  But luckily, it wouldn't be me!  It would be the teacher with the least seniority, who happens to be the one who doesn't get a long with any us of.  She would lose some of her 1st graders and get some kinders.  We would get the 1st graders into our rooms then.  In my perfect world, she could go elsewhere, but I don't see that happening.  I can hope and pray, but I don't know if that would work!  But, they aren't making any decisions this week, so it's still a waiting game. 

Next week will be the "big" week for the kids.  They will finally get homework, they will switch for intervention time and they will have completed their first math test.  Big league now!  And with intervention, the 2 teachers who don't want to work with us aren't switching their kids.  And I am OK with it!  I don't want them to have my kids, nor do I want their kids!  I will be taking the higher kids for now, and there are 9.  9 out of 32 kids that we have within our group.  We have about 30 of our kids in ELD, so the rest are going to go between high, medium and low.  I was very lucky and was given a fairly high group.  Mind you, my lows are really low, but I have no middles.  Just high and low.  Interesting dynamics! 

Well, I still have a million and a half things to do tonight.  TGI almost F!


Still here, just flustered!

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, though that might make me feel a little better. I thought the weekend would be relaxing and all, but I was wrong. I am still trying to catch up from last week, and now it's almost Monday again. I am ready for it, but not really. Lesson plans are done, but mentally I am not prepared. Here are the highlights of my week and weekend so far.

* So far, I love my class. There are a couple squirrels, but I will whip them into shape eventually. Some are more excited about learning than others, but isnt that the case with all classes?

* We had back to school night on Friday night. Yeah, ugh. But, I and 14 of my 18 show up, which is better than IRS been in the past. And, it's done and over with so that it good, too.

* I have been assessing my kids any chance I get, but it is taking me longer than anticipated. I had my 30 minute aide doing sight word tests, but you know the saying, if you want something done right, do it yourself. Tomorrow I have to continue tone word sets for those that she stopped after 50 words.

* we are beginning the ever so fun unit of matter. I actually liked teaching it last year and look forward to teaching it gagain. I hope the kids are as interested in it as I am.

* I finished my last class finally. I can now turn in my paperwork to move over on the pay scale. A nice little raise is in my future. Will make the savings look very nice come October.

* I have now been on weight watchers for 2 full weeks. I am down 4.6 pounds. I wanted more, but I think I will always want more each week. Aciuple people I started with are already down 5 or more pounds, so I feel like a slacker. But, I didn't Eat a donut this week and there were 4 dozen in the lounge on Friday. Yay, me!

* well, it's time for me to get ready for another week. Hopefully there will be some time in the future to post pics of my room and post more than highlights. Until then, this is what you bet! Happy Sunday!


First day highlights

So the first day has come on gone. Thank goodness! I don't love the first day, but the rest are all pretty good. Here are a few highlights of the day, as. I am too tired to go into detail!

* I had 18 of my 19 show up. Not bad, but we were hoping to have to collapse a class. Not a good thought, but it would make life easier. We can go to 24 per contract, so we will see how the rest of the week goes with kids coming to school.

* I had 2 criers today. One cried for about 5 minutes. Te other wailed and cried like a baby for 45 freaking minutes. It was insane and threw me off for the morning. He finally stopped, and joined in with the rest of the class. I found out later he was supposed to be retained, but they moved him on since our numbers were low. Huh.

* I didn't get half the stuff done I had planned. I have a lot of slugs in the room! They were very slow today. I hope it picks up a bit.

* I have a few boys who are so well behaved...at least today. They were kind, polite and good helpers. So cute!

* My kids seem a little more artistic than in them last few years. They can at least color neatly which is more than I can say for last years group. A good sign!

* we have a new automated lunch system. It's so hi tech that it didn't work for all of us. Nightmare lunch time! At least they just sent the kids through to get lunch and we were able to eat fairly quickly!

*Well, it's time for my daughter to go to bed. I'm not that far behind her tonight. It was a long day and I am beat. Here's to another great day tomorrow, minus the crying and wailing!


Just a few hours left

Oh my word! I can't believe that tomorrow is the day. I will be ready, but I'm not there yet! I noticed I have a row of mess - my desk, a table and my teacher table all have piles. Guess I should organize it, put it away and be ready for tomorrow morning.

I got a lot done yesterday, but no pictures. I forgot the camera, as I was all upset after taking my daughter to kinder. I got lots of pics of her, and then leftbthe camera at home. Maybe I will remember today!

My room finally got cleaned on Friday. It looks much better, so I am now able to better embrace my room and start to love it. I am loving all my little owls around the room and can't wait tom get some work up to make it look like a real room! Lots of stuff planned, lots of stuff tomdo, lots of fun and learning to take over!

I have about a million ideas of things to do these next three days, yet I need to narrow it down and make a decision. I guess it all depends on how much i get done tonight at home. So much to do, so little time.

Happy Tuesday! In 24 hours i will be a bundle of nerves waiting for the new little kids to come in! Yikes!


This is it!

Let me tell you, then sun is not up when I have to get up. I didn't know that, as I have been enjoying sleeping in this summer. I like when the sun is up whe I get up...I don't feel like I should still be sleeping. Today...another hour or 3 would be nice. But, no. There are things to do. Just a few things...like a billion and two!

In about an hour, my little girl will be at kindergarten. Not so sure what I think about that. I had never put much thought into the kids coming to school and wonder what the parents think. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, I know how they feel. It sucks!

Today is our first official teacher work day. We have a welcome back breakfast, but other than that, we are tom work in our room all day. I have a lot to do. A lot of little things that need done before Wednesday. Plus I need to do lesson plans and figure out what I am doing this week. Yikes! I should have been more productive this summer. But at least I have done more than some. Some teachers will be in today for the first time since summer. I would be nuts, as if I am not already there!

Well, time to wake up the mini beast and get her ready for school! lots to do this morning to be ready form the week! Hopefully I will post pics later of my done classroom. Here's to hoping!

Happy Monday!


Early morning post

I hate days like today. I woke up at 4:30 this morning and can not go back to sleep. I laid in bed, tossing and turning until about 5:30. Then the dogs wanted out, so I am up. Didn't know the local news was on this early today! I feel very tired, but not able to sleep. Too much on my mind, I guess.

Tomorrow is back to work for me. We have our two prep days on Monday and Tuesday and the. Wednesday is the big day. I'm not ready, or at least I don't feel ready. I am hoping I can get a lot done tomorrow, and be very prepared for Wednesday, but there is still so much to do. I need to sit today and print out labels for my room, print out parent letters, get things organized, finish homework folders, start lesson plans and whatever else needs to be done. Just a couple things, huh?

Top that off with getting my daughter ready for school, getting me mentally prepared for that as well and making sure she has all the things she needs. She's a little nervous about it, I think, but she hasn't said much about it. Last night I could tell she was a bit anxious about school, but she played it off that she was thirsty. I am hoping it's a fairly easy transition, but its been a month since she was in preschool, so that may make it a bit harder for her for the first couple days. She's had our full and undivided attention for the last month, along with the rest of the summer.

It's hard to believe that summer is over. While the heat will be around for the next couple months, vacation is over. The lazy days are gone. No more sitting around in my pj's until I feel like getting dressed. No more sleeping in til 8am, which was the time my daughter would wake up. She likes sleep, too! No more eating lunch or snacks when I want, either. And the worst...no more going to the bathroom when you need to! Now it'll be whenever there is a break and no more. Yikes!

This morning will be my first true test at Weight Watchers. I'll get to jump on the scale and see if my work this week has paid off. It's amazing when you stop and think about what you are eating, or used to eat and how bad it was. We went to dinner at Applebee's last night. They have their WW menu and other items that are WW friendly, or friendlier than other stuff. Some things I would have liked to have eaten are way too bad...too many calories, fat and crap in them!

Well, it's now a bit after 6. I would love to crawl back into bed, but I think I may curl up on the couch and see what happens. I have to be ups at 7:30 to get ready to run out for the morning before I come home and spend the day going half crazy! Happy Sunday. Happy last day of vacation, if you are in the same boat as I am!


We now rsume your regularly scheduled weekends

Well, this is it. My last weekend of vacation. It seems like just yesterday it was the end of school. now, it's time to go back and begin another year. I am excited to start, I just don't feel ready. I have a few things here and there that are ready to go, but I had hoped to be so much further in the process. I will have Monday and Tuesday before it's show time!

This weekend I decided I wanted to go back to work with a clean house. I may just make it to the kitchen and living room, but they will be clean. Tomorrow I want to be able to work on school stuff, get stuff ready for my daughter and spend the day watching movies and being relatirly lazy. We'll see how it goes, if it goes according to plan or if it all falls apart.

Happy Saturday!


Another day closer to the end

Tomorrow is officially my last day of vacation. I don't count the weekend since I have laundry, housework, lesson plans and more to do. I am very bummed that summer is over, but am excited to see what new things will happen this year. It will be a big year for me as a mommy, so iamb excited to see how much my daughter grows this year.

This has been a crazy week. I feel like a chicken with my head cut off, yet I can't seem to get anything done. I went to school today and got some things done. I am still waiting for them to deep clean the classroom like they have been telling us, but I am about to give up hope. I am really pissed about it, buti guess I need to get over it. Tey have 3 days to get it clean, but I would rather not be working to get my room ready to teach while they are cleaning. If it doesn't get cleaned, then I may have to file a grieveance with the union, not that anything will happen. Grrrrrrr!

I have a few things ready for next week, but this is the first year I cam say I am so behind. I haven't done my lesson plans, don't really know what I am doing the first week, much less the first day. I do have ideas that I need to work on, but it's just getting them done. I am not going to work tomorrow, as I plan to spend the day with my daughter and hubby to celebrate the last day of vacation. Nothing like waiting til the last minute! Aaaaaahhhhhh!

Tonight, the hubby and I went to the cheap theater. We have a theater by us that plays the movies that just left the regular theater and they are only $4. We finally saw Bridesmaids. Funniest movie in a long time. We laughed so hard tonight. It was good to he out and have a little fun, just the two of us. Our fab neighbor watched our daughter so we could go on our date.

I have now been on weight watchers for 5 days. I don't think I have eaten enough food, really. Today I missed lunch as I was working in my room and didn't bring enough to keep me
full. I Don't feel terribly hungry, but damn, when I get hungry, I could eat my left arm! I hope Sunday is a good day for me. If not, I will be very sad and might just cry all day long!

Happy almost Friday! My summer will now be over and reality will set in. But, routine will be good and a whole new chapter in my life will begin! Wow!


What a day!

I went to school for a bit today. And I am glad I did. Imwas able to go alitle ape-sh!t on the custodian. My room has been ignored in the cleaning process, which means I can't get as much done as I would like since it's still dirty. I was told last week it would be done on Thursday. I guess I should have asked which Thursday they meant. But, my desks were getting cleaned as I left, and my floor was supposed to be done. I am so jealous of schools that have good custodians. Our day one is useless, really, and the night one is slow and does the bare minimum. I am used to cleaning my room to an extent, but I won't be scrubbing tape off from summer school whe wasn't mine. If parents ever worry about it being dirty, they can complain for me, since our voices are ignored, and have been forever. Sucks!

Anyway, I went to Lakeshore to buy some things for my daughter's class. The teacher put up a giving tree and hubby and I picked 3 things to get. A bit pricey, but they got what they wanted. I bought some people cut outs to use later in the year. Then I went to Walmart to get the last few things my daughter needed for school. The downside is the teacher picked some pretty expensive things, like clear Elmers glue and 8pack of big Crayola crayons. They only had washable for like $2. I think I spent more on her supplies than I did for my whole class! Yikes!

I'm home now and it's too hot to do a thing. For those of you in the Midwest, you dont want to hear it, but it was 106 when I pulled in the garage. And we have some lovely humidity that we don't have too often. It sucks today! So, I figure I will work on some school stuff, get things organized and go from there. Tomorrow is a crazy busy day, so I don't know what I will get done, if anything. It may just be the things that I have to do and then come home tomorrow night and crash. Just a few more days till I have to be back at work and deal with the craziness that is first grade!

Happy Tuesday!


The Alphabet Tree activity & printable

A while back, I had posted about the book The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni. 

I love how the book ties in beginning writing with showing how the letters can join together and make words and then the words can join together to make sentences.  I haven't quite figured out when I am going to read it to my kids, but I will do it within the first couple weeks of school.  I made these cute little leaves so the kids can make their own alphabet tree.  

I will copy them onto green construction paper and have the kids cut them out - good fine motor skill practice!  Then, depending on their level, they can put letters, words or sentences on their leaves and make it into a cute tree.  All you would need is a brown trunk  and maybe a little bee, if you are so inclined! 


Busy week..full steam ahead

So, this will be one of the busiest weeks in long time. I am feeling the crunch. Here is my week in a nutshell. For those of you still with a lot of vacation, enjoy. For those of you back to work, I'm sorry...I'll be there in a week.

Monday: open house for my daughter's school, run to school and do some things, grocery shopping for my new "way of eating".

Tuesday: go to school, work there as long as my daughter will allow; shopping for back to school stuff

Wednesday: orientation for my daughters school, story time at the library, work at school, soccer practice, soccerRent meeting til 8

Thursday: work at school,spend time with my girl

Friday: story time craft, work at school,maybe, try and go somewhere fun, but not crowded.

Weekend: oh my word...I don't know! Cry a lot since my baby is no longer a baby and will be in school.

The good thing is once school starts, there wil be a routine. I will have so much to do, but I will actually get it done since I will be on a time crunch and will have no other thing to do! Yikes!

Happy Monday!