Thursday randomness

* This week has just flown right by.  I have my to-do lists that are getting done, some days better than others.  Yesterday was sort of a wasted day since we went out for about 3 hours and then I had to find the motivation to get to work.  Ugh.  But, it's getting done and I am feeling a bit better about it.

* I can't believe I got so much guff for my post on school supplies.  YIKES!  But, everyone has their own opinion and are entitled to feel the way they feel.  You don't have to agree with my opinions, but please don't e-mail me anonymously to tell me that I am stupid.  I think that's pretty childish, don't you?  I thought we were all adults, but it's obvious we all don't act like adults. 

* I am going in to school today to check out my classroom after summer school.  I am very nervous as to what may have gone on over the last 5 weeks.  Now the custodians are supposed to really "deep clean" the classrooms used for summer school.  We'll see how long that takes them.  I plan on going in next week for a couple hours each day and hope to have a lot of stuff done so I can enjoy the rest of my vacation.  School will come soon enough, but I have had this itty bitty stress ball floating around in my head all summer school.  I'll go today and make my master plan for the next week or so!

* Today it's cold and cloudy/foggy and crappy and I don't like it.  I need to actually go put on a sweatshirt and warm up.  Last week it was over 100* and next week will be over 100*, but today it's in the 60's.  Not very sunny So Cal weather if you ask me.  I need some sun to make me happy. 

Nothing much else too exciting going on.  I have been too preoccupied with my classes to get anything done for school.  One of these days I will have to forgo sleep to get everything done I think.  I won't be a happy camper with that one!  Happy Thursday!


  1. Someone told you that you are stupid for being upset about supplies?? What the hell??? In reality we as teachers shouldn't have to pay a freaking DIME for school supplies. Period! The schools should or the parents. Yet, we do it because we care and we want what's best for our children. I have seriously learned that if I want something specific, I better buy it myself or I probably won't get it.

    You have every right to bitch about it! It's YOUR money...and frankly anyone bringing Walmart's politics into the topic doesn't have anything to do with it.

    I'm sorry :( You complain all you want on here honey, those of us who really care totally GET IT and get you!!

  2. the blogging world can be full of immature people who are not so nice. Unfortunately I have also learned this lesson- I ignore and move on.
    you are entitled to your opinion on YOUR blog!!!!
    ❀ Christine
    {heart} to Reed

  3. Continue to voice your opinion! :) If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to follow you.
    I went in to declutter the classroom and I was only able to get one part of the room done. I still need to return and keep chipping away at it. I want to get to the point where I can work on my library and decor.

  4. @ Sunny...thanks for having my back! It's nice to know we have a forum to complain at...I know my hubby likes it!

    @ Christine...I have only come across 2 posters that have been mean. I should consider myself lucky!

    @ Mrs. Reimann...It doesn't hurt my feelings when people don't want to follow...they don't have to read what I say and I don't have to read what they say. I just think it's sad that in this day and age of education, where we are bashed left and right, teachers do it to each other.