Things that make you wonder...

As I have been watching the news lately, or really the commercials in between the non-news (Carmaggedon anyone?  What a waste of newscaster breath!), I have started noticing all the commercials for the back to school shopping for the "fall" clothes.  Now, I don't know about you, but I have never started school in the fall.  When I was a kid, we started the day after Labor Day, but it's still summer fora  good 6+ weeks after that.  And in college, we started at the end of August! 

Everything I see for back to school touts the "fall" thing.  Well, I will have been in school for 6 weeks when the first official day of fall comes, and even then, chances are it will be over 100* on that day.  And if it isn't, it will be in the 90's.  We don't have fall, and I am sure many others of you are in the same boat.  Fall is just a word used to describe the weather and seasons on the East coast and the midwest.  I want to think of another word to describe the back to school shopping frenzy that has nothing to do with fall...Schoolmaggedon?  Sorry, my newscasters has warped my brain!


  1. Tell me about it!


  2. We don't have fall in the south east either. We have two seasons: hot and not as hot. :)

  3. Seriously- I agree. We don't have a Fall. When I'm shopping for B2S clothes I shop for more summery stuff because in the high 100's is not what I consider *Fall*

    ❀ Christine
    {heart} to Reed

  4. @Underground - I hear ya! We have hot, not so hat and then in winter, we have rain and what's cold for us. While it isn't snowy (we have had that, tho) it's still cold and icky!

    @Christine - You must be right by me! The IE is a lovely hotbed of heat! Especially come September!