These last 2 days have been very productive.  I have actually sat down each night and written myself a list of 4 things (4 big things, mind you) that must get done before going on to anything else.  And it's worked like magic.  I am getting my big stuff done, but not having much time for anything else.  But, stuff is getting done and that's the important thing. 

I am still working on the last 2 classes I need to be done forever with school.  They are top on my list, but I can only really do them in small doses.  They are kind of lame and not what I was hoping for.  But, I am trying my darndest to get them done.  It's hard when it's just me at home and I have to be mommy and student.  My plan was to get them done on Sunday since my daughter will be gone all day, but hubby wants to go out and do stuff since we will be childless for the day.  I have done 7 projects in the last 3 days and hope to do about 12 more by Friday.  That will put me halfway done with the classes.  :(

I wokred outside on Monday and yesterday and it felt so good.  It was nice and cool in the 80's, perfect weather for working in the sun.  I got my front flower beds looking nice again and looking like I like my flowers.  I do, but it's so hard to keep up with it when it's 105* every day.  Today I added in some drip pipe for my flower boxes and replanted those.  Hope they grow!  I didn't realize I actually had a spot where the sun doesn't shine!  Ha!  I still need to tackle the backyard, but babysteps! 

I did get my bathroom and bedroom clean, sheets changed and all that fun stuff.  I hate cleaning the tub and the shower, since they are 2 separate areas.  My daughter insists on taking baths, so there is always something to clean.  Oh well. 

For the rest of the week, I need to start thinking of school stuff.  I say this every day, but it's getting closer and closer.  And I am getting less and less prepared.  But on Thursday, I will go into school and see what disaster is left from summer school.  They are done Thursday at 1:00 and I plan to be there are 12:59.  I want to make a list of all the things I need to do, including actually organizing the cabinets and reorganizing my bookshelves.  That will be the rest of my summer there!  Plus I need to decorate my room and start getting everything ready.  I figure Thursday will be my note-taking day and I can start with little visits next week for a couple hours and see what gets done.  I don't want to spend the rest of my time there, but I would like to get things looking nice and neat and like I am ready to teach.  We'll see how it goes. 

I am off to start on the to-do list for today.  Unfortunately I will be gone from the house for a bit, so there is some time away from homework, cleaning and projects.  Oh well, what can you do?

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  1. You've been so productive! I'm impressed! There's nothing like a list to get me going :)