Mondays come too fast

I think it's been about a week since I last posted.  There are many reasons to that, but the big one is, I haven't had anything to post.  It helps that I was gone for the weekend, too, but other than that, there isn't much going on, I haven't done any work and I haven't wanted to post anything. 

But, today is Monday.  Another Monday in my summer vacation.  Another sign that the week will go by too darn fast.  I don't like it.  At all.  I wish the weeks would go by very slowly, like they do it October when you all want is a day off to relax and breath for a minute.  But no.  In summer, they go by at Mach 4.  

We took a mini road trip this last weekend.  We went up to Central CA to go to a "real" county fair.  We have them here, but they are large marketplaces with games and rides.  There are a few animals there, but they do that to show it's still a "fair".  And, it's costs like $20 to get in, where the one we went to cost us $8 for the 3 of us (that was due to the fact the lady couldn't subtract correctly and gave us more back than we should have gotten and she counted it 5 times!).  Anyway, we walked through the fair when it was over 100*'s, saw lots of animals that were smelly from the heat and had a good time. 

Prior to the fair visit (it didn't open til noon), I went to Hobby Lobby.  Some of you may be like, ooh, big deal.  It it to me!!!!  The "closest" one to me is in Vegas, which is 4 hours away.  So, this was my second time being in the store.  They were clearancing ut all their spring and summer stuff, so we went crazy.  I got a lot of cute stuff for Christmas gifts and some stuff for us and we left with 2 carts full and only spend $85 or so.  My kind of deal there! 

Yesterday driving home, my hubby thought it would be nice to drive along the coast.  We were in the middle of the state, mind you, and he thought it would be nice to drive to Santa Barbara.  We were about 4 hours from home where we stayed and left at about 9am.  If we went straight home, we would have been home about 1:30, more or less, depending on where we stopped.  But, hubby decided to look on mapquest and go to Santa Barbara.  According to mapquest, it was just an hour from this other town we drive through, so it'll just add another hour or so to the trip.  Over 7 hours people!!!!!  We were in the car for over 11 hours to get home.  We actually ended up further away from home in Santa Barbara than we were our whole trip.  I was NOT a happy camper.  I wanted to be home, get some things done and relax and NOT be in the car.  No such luck.  We were home about 8:30.  Yuck!  Oh, and it wasn't a nice drive as the traffic was a b!tch for 2 hours.  My advice, don't change directions thinking it'll be "fun" when you are relatively close to home.  Or at least go in the same direction!

Anyway, since I was stuck in the car for what felt like forever yesterday, I had a lot of time to think.  And reflect on my summer.  And then get a little bummed that I haven't done much.  So, I made a little plan in my head.  I have to get stuff done now or it will never get done.  I am so behind on everthing it isn't funny, but I have enjoyed being at home and that's what counts!  So, every day I am going to make myself a list and every item must be done before I can go rest, read or play on the computer.  Yep, those are my 3 time killers there, #1 being the computer.  I love to browse, play games or make games for my kids.  But, that will have to wait til the laundry is done, my sheets are changed, the front flower beds look presentable again and I have completed 3 art projects for my class.  My goal is to mail it off next week and then work on the other and have it done by the time I go back to school!  I haven't been very motivated lately, but that has to change now.  I have 4 weeks of vacation left and I inted to use them wisely, rather than watch them go by at mach 4!

Happy Monday!  

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  1. The end of my trip left me in a panic with long "To Do" lists and a lot more motivation than I had in June. :) Happy List Checking!