I did it!

I finally decided on a theme for my classroom.  After much deliberation, going back and forth with different ideas and finding new ideas left and right, I went with my initial choice - OWLS!  I am so happy with myself that I made a decision!  I feel a little less stressed now that I know what I am going with.  Now I just need to be able to get to my room and get it set up.  Another 2 weeks and I should be good to go!

I still have a couple things I need to get, but Lakeshore didn't carry them and I wasn't going to go back to the other teacher supply store to get them.  It was too far a drive and too hot after being out all morning.  I have some ideas of things to do for my room now and now I just need to get it done! 

But for now, I am going to work on the computer, get some things done that are in my head floating around taking up space and then hit the couch for some reading and relaxing.  Being out all morning with a 5 year old and being in the heat and humidity we are having has kicked my butt.  And it's summer...I deserve to relax a bit before the school year hits!

Happy Tuesday!

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