Day 4...glad it's done!

So, I am as done as I will be for now. I dropped my daughter off at my parents and worked for about 5 hours on my room. I got a lot done and think I can take some time at home now before I really have to go back. My room is starting to look like a room now and that makes me feel good. I can't move my furniture yet, as I am waiting for them to clean the carpets. One of the custodians took all of July off, so we aren't cleaned like we should be. But what else is new...that's the status quo for my school!

All that's left now is some organizing of my desk, putting books and stuff on shelves, once I find the right brackets that the district won't buy for their shelves, and then the actual planning and copying and being prepared for the kids. I will get it done, but I don't want to spend all the rest of my vacation at school. Some teachers will be there from now on, but not me. I have other things to do and don't want to be at work til I have to. It was nice being in this week and getting things done, but I am ready to be back on vacation.

I need to get back into making things for school, working on work for my classes and just enjoying vacation. I bought 2 new books today that I want to read before summer is over. One is the new book from Danielle Steel called Happy Birthday and the other is Silver Girl from Elin Hildbrand. They are my favorite authors so it' no sacrifice for me to sit and read! I also bought some crates at Walmart and am planning on making some little seats for the library. I found the cutest owl fabric at Walmart and now need to get some plywood and foam.

Well, after not feeling well form the last day, I think I am going to take a nap while I can...before hubby and daughter come home. Happy Friday all!

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