Day 3 Success

Wow!  I am feeling pretty good today!  I feel like I got a lot of things done, even though there isn't much to show for it in my room.  Today I tackeld some of the cabinets that I had just shoved things into.  They are nice and neat and ready for the rest of the stuff that needs to go in there.  I can breath a little easier now.  I also got a couple more itty bitty bulletin boards up for my rules, school notes and behavior chart.  It's starting to come together, but I won't be ready tomorrow like I had wanted to be done.  I still have a lot of organizing to do, some rearranging and a lot of putting stuff up that still needs to be laminated.  But, we don't have really have access to the laminator yet, but I may try to get to it tomorrow.  We'll see how that goes. 

While working, the teacher who talked my ear off yesterday was in my room again.  I worked while we talked, so I got a lot done.  I was telling her about "Cereal Math".  I saw it posted on a blog somewhere last week (tell me if it's you!) and am going to try to implement it this year, maybe 2 or 3 days a week, or as long as we have cereal being donated!  The idea of this is to work on counting skills and students can simply count it, group it into groups of #, show adding and subtracting and more.  I think it's a fabulous idea and want to do it.  I was sharing it with her and she's planning on doing it.  I'm sure she will buy the cereal herself and go overboard with it, but I have a family to support and she doesn't, so it's easier for her to buy what she needs without feeling guilty! 

I think tonight I will try to run out and do some shopping at Lakeshore and Walmart.  I need to grab some more border at Lakeshore as I ran out of mine already.  I'm not good at guesstimating how long things are.  I also need to find some plastic tubs for my class library (which looks so pathetic comapred to others I have seen...I haven't bought new books in a very long time!) and try and level them in some way.  I have never done that before I feel like a big loser in that aspect.  So, to a-shopping I may go! 

Speaking of big loser, what can y'all tell me about Weight Watchers?  I need to do something for myself to help me get in shape and lose weight and I have heard good things, but I hate having to admit to myself and everyone else that I suck at doing it on my own and I would be in denial and move all my mirrors out of th house!  I am thinking of starting it soon, but I am not a patient person and want to see results quickly!  Any suggestions or feedback you have for me would be greatly appreciated!

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Weight Watchers is awesome! I do the online version because who can find time for yet ANOTHER meeting? I use the scale in our nurses office to hold myself accountable. (I have one at home too, but this just helps me be accountable!) If you have a smart phone, you can download the WW app and keep track of what you are eating no matter where you are! You can even pick a restaurant and decide what to eat based on the points for menu items. The amount of weight loss really varies. I have one friend who has lost 2 lbs a week since she joined. I lose on a much slower rate, but I definitely feel better and have more energy when I am eating lots of fruits and veggies. (they are 0 pts and you can snack on them throughout the day) I think it is the most reasonable plan for a "diet" because you don't have to completely change how you eat- just do a better job at monitoring portion sizes and choosing better snacks. Good Luck!

  2. Kristen--First of all, allow me to just say that you have gotten more done than you think you have. From an outsider looking in, you are doing great with the time you have. I wouldn't have been able to do as much as you have done.

    As for the weight watchers thing, I have never done it, but if you want to get a few teachers together for a support group kind of thing, I would do it with you. I know of at least one or two other teacher bloggers that are in similar situations. Why not ban together?

    My cousin in NYC and I created goals while I was there. They were super specific, and we have been checking in with each other quite a bit to keep the momentum going. That has been serving us well so far.

    One year at my previous school there was a "big loser" group that did the weight loss challenge. The school nurse kept track of the weight and the progress and there were weekly rewards. Folks also signed up for something called Sparkpeople.com. Maybe you can get something going at your school.

    Do you take vitamins? I ask this because after I quit my job and got moving again, I started taking gummy vitamins (adults and kids). Since then, my eating habits have not been the same. I don't if it is because the stress of the teaching job is no longer there or if the vitamins are doing it. Either way, since I began taking them, I don't eat as much, hardly want sugar or ice cream (I LOVE ICECREAM) or coffee (I LOVE COFFEE). Since the vitamins everything seems too sweet or too rich or too salty or too processed, and I don't feel like eating them anymore. It's like I woke up a healthy person one morning and kept up with it. Weird, huh?

    Still, I will be more than happy to help out in any way I can. Let me know. You got a buddy on the East Coast ready to lend support.

  3. Glad you got stuff done, despite Ms. Talker! Cereal math sounds like fun. And I have no idea about Weight Watchers but I've only heard good things about it ;)

  4. Hi!

    So you and I have a ton in common. You left a message on my blog last November (Monarch Madness)that we are both graduates of NAU, and now your considering Weight Watchers too! I am joining tomorrow (for the 5th time). Every time I have joined I have dropped a ton of weight but then I think I am fine and I stop going to meetings.I am really excited to join again this time because of the changed program and I know that I WILL NOT quit! Let me know if you join and we can support each other!

    Anyway, I have started blogging again so you'll have to come back over sometime! www.monarchmadness.blogspot.com

  5. Thank you all for your input on WW. I am going to start soon, but trying to find a mtg. Time & have my daughter watched is a bit harder than I would have imagined. I wanted to go yesterday, but I ended up being sick yesterday and there went that plan! I plan on blogging about it to keep myself accountable. @underground...you and me girl...let's do it together from afar!

  6. You got it girl! Wonder Twin powers activate!

    My cousin and I set up some simple goals a few weeks ago, and we are both hanging in there. It takes 21 days to establish new behavior patterns. Got the walking thing going, and now I can hardly go a day without it.

    Do you have an ipod? They have built in pedometers these days where you can send your results to Nike, track them, and win points or something.