Day 2 failure

I went to school today for round 2.  And it didn't turn out like I had planned.  Although I don't really have a great plan going at the time.  I can't do too much as they haven't done the floors yet, so I can't move things into place.  And that, makes it really hard to organize and figure out where things will go.  But I am trying my best.  Sort of.

I did get another bulletin board set up.  This will be wall for their art work and projects we will do.  So, to date, I have the calendar wall, word wall, poem wall and art wall up.  That takes care of the back of the room.  The rest...nothing.  And there isn't a lot of room to put things up on.  Between the door, window and cabinets, there isn't a lot of good useable space left.  I will have to make itty bitty bulletin boards to put stuff up like standards, rules, etc.  I am trying so hard to make it not boring, but I am struggling to make it look nice.  And it bugs me. 

I went to Walmart this morning looking for shelf brackets.  When the custodians moved me, they lost some and I already had shelves that were missing brackets.  So, that's another reason I can't get things done...there aren't places to put the things that need to be in places!  Oh, Walmart didn't have any, so I will be going to Lowe's tonight or tomorrow before heading back to school. 

Another reason much didn't get done was because I was talking.  One of the other teachers came today, but I realized after I left that she never went in her room.  She was in mine the whole time talking to me!  And my daughter was with me, so it's harder to work when you have a shadow. 

I figured I would come home and try to get some work done.  Hasn't happened yet, but there is still some time left in the day.  Or the month! 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. LOL! That is my biggest problem: TALKING and not getting anything done. This past school year I REALLY needed to check out on time so I kept my lights off in my room and would take an "alternate route" to my room so no one would see me! I LOVE to talk. We got a new colleague last year that loves to talk as much as I do, OMG!

  2. I would normally just do work while the teacher is talking to me, but she kepy critiquing what I was doing. Very annoying! She came in to work today and then once I left, I realized she never even went into her room! She was in mine the whole time! But, I really need to get my rear in gear and get things done. T-minus 3 weeks from tomorrow! Yikes!