Controlling the classroom chaos or decorating - Day 1

Well, I did it.  I went to school today.  I don't know if I feel better or not.  Well, I feel a little better, but now, the chaos I have seen is a bit overwhelming.  I feel like my head is about to explode with everything that I need to/want to/must do before school starts.  And it's a lot.  I think it's more than a to-do list can handle. 

I went to school today and spent the first hour almost talking.  Not productive, but...I then went and took a bunch of butcher paper for my boards.  I am going with a yellowy-orangey color.  I like it as it really brightens up the room.  I have a cute fern border (that I need to go get more of) to go around it.  So for today, I was able to put up my calendar/math wall/reading comp wall, my word wall and my poem area.  We have all our furniture around the perimeter of the room for when they clean (next week) so I had to work around the clutter.  I wanted to get more done, but I started to panic, just a bit.  My prinicipal was there so I went and talked with her a bit and then I had to leave and come home so hubby could go meet with a client.  Now it's time to be mommy and teacher at the same time.  Back to reality I guess! 

Tomorrow I am going to go in with my daughter and work on putting up some more paper and trying to get a better idea of where things are going to go.  I wanted to put up a science and social studies wall, but I don't know where they would go.  I think I need to visualize better or utilize my cabinets better.  Time to think on that one.  This is why I am going in now rather than waiting til later. 

One of my ideas that I finally got cleared by my principal is to have little garden boxes in the tree planters by our rooms.  There are 5 first grade classes that will all be together now and there are 5 planters.  They have a metal grate covering them, but all the have is one tree in each hole and lots of weeds.  Since our big standards are living things, I was thinking it would be nice to have planter boxes and each class could be in charge of having their own planter box.  My hubby will build them for us and each class will then have to plant what they want and bring in their own soil, etc.  I think it will make the area look nice and will help the kids learn responsibility as well as taking care of things, sharing, etc.  And, how fun would it be to watch things grow that they have planted or taken care of?  Now I have to sell it to the rest of the grade level.  I figure those who want to do it can and those who don't, oh well!  Their loss! 

Well, I have a million and a half things to do today.  My mind in racing and I am getting antsy sitting here.  I have 3 weeks of vacation left and I know it will fly by faster than I think.  And, I have homework, housework, yardwork and getting my daughter and myself ready for school.  Oh, and then there is still the little thing of having some fun and good family time in there, too!  Yikes!  I need about 28 hours in a day and 12 days in a week to get it all done!  Happy Monday!


  1. My first graders have been working on a 'garden' for a few years now. I have no gardening skills and I don't know what compelled me to think it was a good idea, but they have learned a ton and we've had a blast. It's still mostly a disaster area but we have big dreams!

    Good luck with your planters!

  2. My first graders started gardening last year! And they loved it! I got this cool indoor greenhouse donated by donors from Donorschoose.org. So now we can garden year round.