Can we say "freak out"?

So, two weeks from now I will be passed out in bed from the first day of school. I'm not ready. My. Mind isn't ready. My work isn't ready. My classroom is almost ready. My body for sure isn't ready. Bed before 11? Huh?

I went to school today for 8 hours. Yep, 8 long hours and there appears to be very little to show for it,though I know better. I was able to get my furniture a ranged, talk with my principal about a few things, get something's situated and put away and got some math games made for the first few weeks of school. Progress, yes, but not what I am wanting. I have a table that is still filled with stuff that needs a home. That would require time to sit and go through it and see what it is and where it needs to go. Not wanting to spend time on that. But, I will have to!

I took my crate seats in today. Two of the other teachers want them. One said she would pay me to make hers for her, as she isn't that talented. I told her buy me the stuff, I'll make them for her. Mine aren't where I want them, as they haven't bothered to deep for clean my room for me yet, but they said tomorrow. Seems to be the famous words...tomorrow. I don't plan going in tomorrow, but if I have a few minutes, I just might run in and work for a bit. I know hubby and I are going out to solicit donations for the garden beds, so we will see. He has meetings in the afternoon, so I may be able to run over there for a bit and get something done.

I can't believe summer vacation is almost over. It went by very quickly. Plus, next week i have meetings for my daughters school on Monday and Wednesday, plus soccer will start on Wednesday as well. Goodbye restful summer, hello mass chaos! But,I do look forward to a routine, even if it means waking up a couple hours earlier than my summer norm. Oh, how I will miss 8 am! I'll be driving to work then. Yuck!

Well, time to put Sleeping Beauty in bed and prepare for tomorrow. Happy Wednesday!

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