Back to reality for a bit

Happy 4th of July!  We got back this afternoon from our mini vacation to the river.  It was hot, it was sweaty, yet it was relaxing.  There's nothing better than doing nothing at all, and not feeling guilty about it one little bit.  The river we camp at is still running very high and swift, so there is no going in and playing in the river...if you are smart.  A lot of people were playing in the river this weekend and sadly, 3 people died from not heeding the warnings and staying out!  I know better, as I have been going there since I was a small child.  But, it was nice to get away and it's nice to be back home. 

I didn't sleep well when we were gone, so there was a lot of time to lay there in the dark and think.  I think I gave myself a little panic attack, thinking of all the things I need to do, with time ticking away quickly to get it done in.  And, I think I may have changed my mind about my classroom decor, thanks to a little browsing in Really Good Stuff.  Darn you, farm scene!  I will go look at Lakeshore and the other teacher supply store this week and make up my mind.  I need to get something planned and just go with it.  Plus, I have a ton of stuff that I put on my to-do list for school that I haven't even begun.  Lucky me! 

But, I will try to get to some of it this week.  I figure tomorrow and Thursday hubby is out working out of the home, so that gives me 2 good days of work.  Wednesday I can get some done, but not as much as I would like, plus we have to be somewhere that evening for his work.  Fun.  And, we are supposed to leave Friday again for a weekend away, but we haven't decided if we want to go and brave the heat as we are supposed to be outside for part of the weekend.  I live in the desert, but I don't live outside!  :) 

As for tonight, I have nothing planned.  We already watched fireworks on Saturday night at the lake by the river we were at, so that's done.  I feel bad that I didn't plan more for our 4th dinner, but it spaced my mind as I was planning for prepping for our trip.  So, it looks like it's bbq'd hot dogs, some beans and canned fruit, as all our fresh fruit went to the river and was eaten!  But, it's the thought that counts.  Then, I hope to sit on the couch and do a little of nothing, but watch the 4th of July shows on TV and keep my doggies entertained so the fireworks the jackasses shoot off don't drie them crazy!  We live in a county where fireworks are banned, but there are always those who think it's OK.  Plus, we have a 240 acre field across from us with dried hay, so...fireworks and hay don't mix! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I'm jealous when I see people going on their vacations now, and knowing I have 5 weeks left of mine.  It's gone by too quickly and I feel like it's just getting to be summer.  :(  Oh well...what can you do!  Happy 4th and happy Monday!

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