What do you want to learn graphing lesson

I am on a roll today.  Or this evening is more like it!  It's after 6pm and I am still in jammies!  We have had a very lazy day.  It was a very necessary laziness, coupled with a headache and sinus pain.  It seems like it's always something, huh?

But, I have had a productive eveing on the computer.  Two activities in one day - WOW!  Here is one I made so I could use the cute little clip art I have had on my computer for months.  Now I think I want to do my room in bees...whatcha think?  Anyway, here is my graphing lesson on what the kids want to learn this year.  Enjoy!


  1. Oh my gosh, those bees are adorable!!!

  2. Super cute! Thanks for the great activities!