Trying to get to summer vacation

I have now completed one week of summer vacation and I feel like I haven't had a break yet!  Here was my week in a nutshell...not very excitingm but it was my week!

- Monday - Memorial Day - Running errands, BBQ in the evening
- Tuesday - go to school, clean cabinets all morning
- Wednesday - move my entire classroom
- Thursday - hubby's swearing in - OK, that was exciting
- Friday - Kinder orientation & subsequent freak out over my daughter going to Kinder and then changing her to a new school before the school year even starts!  Oh, I spent about 3 hours+ on the computer doing homework for a class that I need to get done this week.  Only 15 more hours to go...

Yesterday I spent the day outside working on the weeds. I also got my roses planted that have been sitting there for a month, so that's one more things that't done.  But, between getting a lovely blister on the palm of my hand and trying to break a finger, it was time to call it quits for the day (or the week) and rest.  A dip in the spa, a shower and a nap were what I needed.  I then proceeded to sit on the couch all night, watch 16 and Pregnant on On Demand and then go to bed at like 10pm.  I know, party animal here!  But, allergies are making a mess of my head.  I really need summer to be here in all it's glory to help allergies go away.  But, Mother Nature is a bit bipolar in my area.  We barely hit 80 yesterday, when we should be in the 90's.  And, there were some places near LA that got rain.  Unheard of for June!  But, I know our heat will be here soon enough and then we will be hoping for a cooler month (December is normally coooling off for us!). 

This week, my plans are:
- Monday - go to school and put away all the stuff I moved.
- Tuesday - same as Monday
- Wednesday - I am hoping to be done with moving, but if not, I have to be done by today.  Summer school starts next week in my room, so.....Oh, and I have an IEP for my daughter at that time, too!  Busy day!
- Thursday - find more time to rest and relax
- Friday - Legoland?  We'll see how the weather is and what we are doing. 

Oh, and I also need to plan my daughter's birthday.  She said she just wants to go to Legoland with Mommy and Daddy because we are her friends.  Cute, but a little sad.  All her friends from preschool bailed for the summer, so we don't have a lot of them to invite.  We invited a lot last year and no one came.  I was devestated, she didn't care.  So, we'll start figuring this out and see what happens!

Looks like it;s for me to get up and moving.  For those of you still in school, I wish you a speedy week.  For those of you on vacation, I wish you a week of relaxation!  Happy Sunday!

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