Productive Monday

I love it when things come together and the pieces start to fall into place.  That's how my day has gone so far, and it's only 2:30!  Love it!

I went to school today to clean up the massive moving mess that I created last week.  It's not all put away or arganized by any means, but it's starting to look like a classroom!  I got a lot of stuff moved, put away or placed where it needs to go.  I even moved my desks into place, just so I could get a feel for where things will go once August hits.  Summer school starts next week, so I need to have my act together (and my crap put away) before they come in.  I am not thrilled with summer school being there, but what can you do?  Oh, and to add a little more stress, I just foud out that my old room (where I still have all my art supplies) will be used for high schoolers in summer school.  So, tomorrow hubby will be with me to help me move it all over.  I don't want to leave it in there and people think it's a free for all!  That's on tap for tomorrow, but I feel so good knowing I got a lot done today, which makes me do happy!

Once I came home, I got to work on finishing up the work for my independant study class.  It's now done and ready to go in the mail tomorrow!  I have done 3 classes in 3 months!  2 more to go and I get to move over on the salary scale and make a bit more money, which will be good since we are taking another pay cut and our insurance rates are going up.  Again.  They are getting us left and right, but I am a little less stressed knowing there will be a few more pennies in the checking account come October.  I will sign up for my next class tonight and try to get it done within the next 2 weeks.  We'll see how it goes.  I have 2 more art classes to do and then I am done with classes forever!  I don't want a Ph. D, and I will be as far over as I can go by October.  I will be able to concentrate on helping my hubby with his job and helping my daughter with her homework for Kindergarten! 

Well, I should go and get something else done before I crash.  I feel a nap coming on, but my daughter isn't sleepy and wants to play.  Happy Monday!

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