Now my summer can officially begin!

I went into school today for last time til August 1.  My room is as ready as it will be for summer school and I hope the people who are in there are kind.  And they leave my stuff alone!  That's the downfall of someone else using your room - they think they can use your things and you won't mind/know/care.  Anway, my room looks presentable, things are where they should be, but it's not great.  That will be August.  I will have to put up bulletin boards, rearrange the room and make it look like I've been in there the whole time!  Hahaha!

Now I can begin my summer vacation.  I think I have 8.5 weeks left now, so time to get cracking.  First up - Legoland tomorrow with my daughter.  I haven't been in awhile, so this will be nice, a mommy/daughter day.  We may even go spend some time at the beach, if it's warm enough.  We are about 70 miles away from the beach, yet we have the lovely marine layer today.  It's 1:30 and 69*.  Sorry for those of you suffering through the heat...come to SoCal...we are unseasonably chilly (yea, I even have a sweater on today and am thinking of curling up in bed, under the covers!). 

I am also going to deep clean my entire house, revamp my laundry room (Lowe's...here I come!), re-do my kitchen and find my art table.  We'll see how soon that all gets done. I'm thinking of July.  I just haven't decided upon which year to get it all done in!  :)

Plus, I need to start working on stuff for school (maybe July 1 is a good day to start) and I need to start and finish my last 2 classes by July 31 just so I am done and safe and ready to get more $!!!  I can handle that! 

Happy Wednesday all!  To celebrate being officially on summer break, I am going to go take a nap.  My daughter is asleep, so I will join her, too!

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