Monday mojo is back!

I have been a busy girl today and feel so good about it!  From an outsider, I haven't got a lot done.  But I know I have since it has taken me all day to get it done! 

I woke up today, played a bit on the computer then got to work.  First task, dishes.  I did dishes last night, but there were a ton today.  Huh.  Things that boggle the mind.  Then, I got to the big task at hand - my laundry room.  Last week, I deep cleaned it.  I took everything off my back door (there is a door in the laundry room that goes to the back, but we NEVER use it.  It's a pain in the butt, really), washed the door and decided to paint.  That's what today was for - painting the door, moulding and the stupid things in the window to make it look "nice".  I still need to clean the window, but that will be later.  Maybe.  I painted it all with a few good coats of paint and am now working on the curtains for the door window.  No more ugly blinds that were up before.  Seriously, blinds in the laundry room?  If I weren't such a freak and worried about people looking in my window, I would leave it open (mind you, I live on 5 acres and there are no people who are able to look in my window without having to trespass in my yard). 

I also have a ton of zucchini that will be made into 1) dinner 2) zucchini muffins and 3) zucchini cookies.   I got the most delicious recipe from this blog last year.  They are to die for...and a good way to get rid of zucchini.  I know there will be plenty more where this came from, but I have been wanting to make these for a good 2 months.  This is next up on my to do list, along with making something for dinner! 

Tomorrow my hubby has to go to work and my daughter will be at school from 8 til 12.  I can't wait to tackle her room and make it look presentable, if only for 5 minutes after she gets home.  I am looking forward to the peace and quiet tomorrow and hope I can get a lot done. 

Happy Monday!

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