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This morning has been glorious!  Ok, maybe not glorious, but very nice.  Hubby is at work, my daughter is at school for another hour and I have been at home, cleaning her room.  It was a disaster, but now it looks like a clean little girls room!  I was amazed when cleaning how many books she had on her bed, next to her bed, and under the bed.  She just loves her books and I love buying books for her to read all the time! 

But then I was thinking about school.  I haven't been doing much of that in the last few days, but then I got to wandering in my mind.  I know for a fact, that most of the kids I have had in past don't have books at home.  And if they do, there aren't many or they aren't at their level.  There have been a few kids who I know have tons of books, but they are exception, not the rule.  And that makes me sad. 

I am not the world's greatest mother by any means, but I always try to make time to read to my daughter.  At night, we read before she goes to bed.  Last night, my daugher chose one of the books that she can read on her own and she read it to me before she went to sleep.  Her choice:
It's a very easy book for her to read, since we have read it 100 times she got it a few months ago.  But she is reading it and loves it.  It has super cute pictures of the little girl and her turtle.  She then told me she was ready for bed, so reading time ended.  She proceeded to play on her "computer" that she got a couple years ago and then finally fell asleep.  Anywa, I have always read to her and she now loves books and will "read" when she can. 

I know a lot of the kids we get don't have that at home.  They don't have books, they don't have people to read to them and they don't get practice reading with anyone, or with very few people.  It makes me sad, and then mad when I think about it.  What can be done?

I send reading home every night with my kids, but I know some of them aren't reading to anyone.  They either fake sign it, the parents sign it just so the kid will stop asking or they don't do it at all for the entire school year and wonder why their child isn't making growth in reading.  I wish I knew how to get more parents to read to their child, or listen to them read.  I love sitting on the couch listening to my daughter read and I am amazed at what she can do (she's almost 5 and can read some of my 1st grade books from guided reading). 

I sometimes wish I could be a fly on the wall in my kids' homes, but then I think I am really glad I'm not.  I think it would be too depressing to see how some live, though it would be an eye opener.  Well, this gives me something else to work on now for the new year...how to get more kids to read at home!  

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  1. I have years where it varies a lot how many kids do and don't have books at home. I just wrote a small grant to get Reading A-Z for my class so I can print books out and send them home with them. Then they can't tell me they don't have books to read!