I see the light!

Today was another productive day.  My hubby went to school with me and we moved EVERYTHING out of my old classroom and into my new one.  I got some good organizing done as well, but there is still more to go.  At this point in time, my room is useable for summer school, just not my desk.  There are still 4 boxes on my desk of things I need to put away/file/throw away, etc.  Tomorrow.  There is always tomorrow! 

I was able to organize my construction paper a bit, but there is still a stack go through.  I also need to organize the cabinets better, but it was more of a mad dash to get things moved in before summer school started.  I had been told originally that I had all the time I wanted to move my stuff and I could take my time, even into the next school year.  But then, right before school was out, I was told the intervention teacher was moving in there.  So, I knew I had to get my stuff out, but was planning on doing after summer school was over when I could take my time.  And then yesterday, I was told that a high school summer class was going to be in there.  I made sure all my stuff was out today.  I'm sorry, but high school summer school is just babysitting for 5 hours a day for 5 weeks.  Insane!

Once I got home, I decided to tackle my laundry room.  This room is a thorn in my side because it is the messy room in the house and the catch all room for all the other crap.  We have a pantry in there, but it's in an awkward spot.  There are 3 doors, actually, in the room: one from the outside(that we never use), one leading to the bathroom and then the door from the kitchen to the launsry room.  It's door overkill if you ask me.  So there is very little wall space and the space we do have it useless.  I cleaned it from top to bottom (but not under the washer or dryer...I'll wait til I get new ones!) and even scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees.  The only way to get it really clean!  I was thinking of painting the laundry room orange (it's green now), but decided against it.  I will just accent it with other colors, add some pop and go from there.  I did get some crap thrown away, so that makes me feel better.  I always feel a little better when I get things thrown away...especially when my hubby is gone and can't complain! 

I signed up last night for my last 2 classes I need to take.  They are both art classes.  There will be 35+ art projects to do and about 30 journals to write, plus an art critque and visits to art museums.  I need to find places around where I live (I don't live by LA and where I do live, there isn't much "culture" within close vicinity or that is cheap!).  So, my summer will be busy with that, once I get started.  I am hoping tonight to get some work done so I can feel a bit more accomplished and on the road to being done. 

Other than working in my room, I haven't really done any school work.  I have a lot of ideas in my head, but I haven't had the desire or time to sit down and play.  I am hoping to in the next week or so.  Then I can  some stuff done and be really ready for next year. 

Time to get some dinner started, start on my giant mountain o'laundry and watch some TV.  Happy Tuesday!


  1. I totally agree that high school summer school is 99% of the time completely pointless! We have an online summer school. It's a joke. A kid "made up" 6 classes in 2 weeks and "passed". Right.

    And yes...there is always tomorrow! :)

  2. Our summer school for those who are physically there is now only for special ed who have extended year schooling. The others who have to make up classes have to do it online. I am curious how that works when they don't have computers or parents who care. Isn't that why most of them are in summer school? Most, not all! I am ashamed to admit it, but I had to go to summer school after my junior year of HS for geometry. I managed to "pass" but I still didn't know anything. But I did read a lot of Danielle Steel in those 2 weeks of summer school! ;)