I love Target and the Dollar Spot

I have been reading other blogs and seeing all the fabulous stuff people are getting at Target.  I couldn't stand it any longer, so I went today.  I warned the hubby that I was going...hope he really understood what that meant.  I walked out of there spending just $28, but there was a jar of pasta sauce in there, too! 

I always see the neat stuff everyone buys, but my Target either hasn't had it, won't get it, or had it and it's gone already.  I was nervous to go and look, but pleasantly surprised.  Here's my loot!

My camera is being fickle, so my pics are blurry...as were the other 8 I took.  Hmmm!  Anyway, in the top picture, I got 2 new calendar posters, a weather chart, 2 write on, wipe off math games and 4 puzzles.  In the second pic, I bought a new basket (don't know what for, but I got it!), a new tub for turning in work, animal cards to sort by animal group, people cards for communitites, stamps (mini abc stamps...cute) and stamps for marking work and math puzzles, matching the numnber to the picture.  I also got cards with the animal actions which will help a bunch with our writing. 

I also went to Michael's and picked up some big blank flower cards and some big bug cars that were on clearance.  I think (and this is a biggie) that I will do my room in bugs and flowers.  It may seem girly, but what boy doesn't love bugs?  The blank flowers will be for them to color and design their own flower to hang next to their writing for the week.  I am just starting to work it out in my head, but I feel a little more at ease! 

Happy Wednesday!  Time to organize and put away my loot til next week.  The lady at Target said they will start putting out school stuff next week and have it all out by the 2nd week in July.  I am so excited!  I'm such a nerd!

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