And they let them loose like monkeys at the zoo!

Today I took my daughter to Legoland.  For me, it's about an hour trip when there is very little traffic.  Today was OK, but man, I can tell it's summer vacation by all the out of state license plates.  It's a little more stressful for me to take my daughter there in the summer because the lines are longer, there are more people there and it isn't as enjoyable as it is in say, January when it's cold and rainy and everyone else is stuck in the snow!  ;)

There are still a few schools that are still in and a couple of them were at Legoland for a field trip.  Oh. My. Word.  I would never take my students to Legoland on a field trip, and I wish others felt the same way.  Let some 10 - 13 year olds loose at Legoland and they are CRAZY!  And they were unsupervised for the most part.  Why would any theme park allow a school to let the kids run unsupervised?  It's asking for trouble and the kids were super annoying.  Yelling, screaming in line, cutting through to get to their friends.  It was a madhouse.  Too busy for me!  And then, you have kids running from atraction to attraction, running between people who are walking.  I was waiting for someone to get hurt with all the hooligans running around.  It really takes the fun out of it for all that are there when there are kids running loose.  Just like little monkeys!

But, my daughter and I were able to go on the rides we wanted, went to the water park (though it's still a bit chilly for my taste) and then went to the beach after.  We spent some time watching dolphins play in the waves.  It was amazing.  I'm not a big beach fan, don't care to go in the water, but I could sit all day and watch the dolphins.  As long as I had sunscreen anyway...I got burned as it was.  Oh well, hopefully it will turn to a tan!  It was a nice day all in all.  I am ready to go to sleep and save all my work for Monday! 

Happy almost TGIF!

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