And just like that, vacation flies by

Wow!  Another week of vacation.  Today starts week 4 of my summer.  I am loving being home with my daughter and having time to do whatever, but man, it's going WAY. TO. FAST.  I want it to stop and slow down.  Heck, we haven't had "summer" yet, though the weatherman said it's coming this week, for a few days with temps in the 90's, near 100 on Wednesday, I think.  Finally.

I don't know about you, but I set some very lofty goals for myself this summer.  And...they are still simply that - goals.  I haven't done 10% of what I wanted to do.  And I think I am OK with that.  I have spent more time with my daughter,  more time with my hubby and more time just being me.  I have done some school work, but not like I had planned.  I have a ton of homework to do, but no motivation (and I wanted to be done by next week - ha!).   I have deep cleaning to do, but who wants to do that?  Not me! 

So today, in an effort to get some things accomplished while still having some good times, I have made my weekly to do list.  I've decided my weeks are only 4 days long now, Mon - Thurs as Fridays are busy and then the weekends are mine...all mine!  Here's the week:

Monday - clean and organize master bedroom and bathroom - closets, drawers, etc.  (an all day project really, but hubby will be gone, so it will be nice!); get 3 homework assignments done, inlcuding 2 projects (it's an art class); read 3 chapters in my "for fun" book.

Tuesday - clean and organize my part of the office - it's another all day chore, but I will have about 3 hours to myself while by girl is at school; pick her up and run errands (I have to get all the stuff for her b'day party this weekend!); get 4 assignments done, including 2 arts; read 3 chapters (or more).'

Wednesday - finish the office; take daughter to the dentist and then come home and have a stiff drink afterwards and nap; do 4 more assignments; veg for the day as the trip to the dentist will kick my butt!  Sit, veg and read for the day (and it's supposed to be 100* that day, so no point in being out in the heat in the afternoon, right?).  I'm sure there will be some homework getting done, too, but...

Thursday - clean the house for party on Saturday; do homework; read and have some good fun!

Friday - Legoland with my baby girl to celebrate her b'day while hubby is at a class all day long.  The joys of working, huh?  Now he gets to feel what it has been like for me when I am at work, missing out on all the fun! 

Saturday - My not-so-baby-anymore girl's birthday.  Yep, on Saturday I will have a 5 year old.  I am amazed at how quickly the time has gone and how much she has learned in 5 short years! 

Here's to a great week!  I hope to get a lot more done than is on my list, but you never know.  I could be sucked into many games of Candyland or Trouble or sit on the couch and listen to my girl read for an hour.  Plus there are little art projects and writing to be done, all while enjoying the summer vacation!  Happy Monday and have a great week!


  1. I can totally relate! This starts week 4 for me too. I'm beginning to wonder where the time has gone. I to have set goals and so far not much of the goals have been accomplished. I find myself loosing track of the day by looking for ideas online and blog stalking when I should be implementing some of the ideas or meeting some of my goals! haha I have gotten quite a bit of house cleaning accomplished but that's about it! I think making a list is a fantastic idea!!! Maybe I would get more motivated with a list!!! Good luck with your weekly to do list! Have a great week blog friend!! :)

  2. This is only the start of my 2nd week but I'm already amazed at how fast it has gone. The last week of school was the same way. I swear I blinked and it was Thursday. Very weird.

    Hope you get a lot accomplished on your list! :)