Weekend Fail

Well, Sunday evening is here, the weekend is just about done and I haven't done a darn thing for school.  I have managed to do most of my 18 loads of laundry, but there are still clothes to put away.  I have managed to clean the bathrooms, vacuum up the house and get things organized.  Hubby cleaned the kitchen and threw some things out, so it looks much nicer than it has in years!  Feels good to get something done, but I know there is still more to do for tomorrow.  And it's not looking good! 

I didn't bring a single TE home.  Why?  I have no idea!  When I finally left on Friday, I was in such a hurry to be home with my hubby to get his test results for the BIG test he took in Feb, that I just left school.  I grabbed some things for report cards (haven't started), my pinks and blues (still blank) and a couple things to do for Open House (not done).  Actually, my school bag is still in my car at this time (almost 6pm!) and I haven't thought of getting it out!  Oops!  For those of you hoping for a Frog and Toad unit for Houghton mifflin...sorry...it ain't happening this week!  Too much to do!

As the year is quickly coming to an end, I have less and less motivation to be creative.  My brain is almost on vacation and is already planning for next year.  I have been reluctant to do anything for school for next year til this year is over, but it is hard to want to do anything at all.  I will be a ball of stress next weekend with having to complete everything - report cards, grades, cleaning my room - but it will be nice to say that there is just one week left. 

So, there are 10 days left.  10 days to spend with my kids, who honestly, I am done with.  I have some super kids, but I feel I have taken them as far as they can go.  They have worked hard, come very far and are ready for 2nd.  Then there are those that I feel I haven't done a good job with.  I didn't motivate them enough for them to want to learn all they can.  I still have 4 girls who could care less if they learn their addition and subtraction facts.  They look at me like I am crazy.  I don't know what more I could have done.  Maybe next year!

After my math training last week, I am committed to providing better math instruction.  I need to revamp some things anyway, so this will be a good refresher.  I will end up bringing a lot home, just so I can plan, revise and create new things.  My hubby may not like it, but he'll deal.  He'll be busy with his iwn work then to be too bothered by my piles. 

Well, it looks like dinner is ready.  I guess I will eat a bit, maybe do some work and then head back to bed.  I have to have my energy for the week to make it through open house.  AAAAHHHHHH!  It's all down hill after Thursday!  I can't wait! 

Happy Sunday all!  Here's to a great week! 


  1. I am with you!! Although my bag did make it into the house, I got through 4 math tests and 6 of my research reports and threw in the towel. They are TERRIBLE. We spent almost a month on them and they are just carelessly done and I am really pissed about it.

    So I am copping out. I will send a short note home tomorrow saying Monday folders aren't coming home due to the massive grading (which I didn't do but they don't know that). I really feel like my weekends should be MY time at this point.

    And I'm with you on feeling like you've taken them as far as they can go. If they haven't learned by now, they won't. I have one who just doesn't give a crap about anything. It won't surprise me at all if this child is even in school next year. The only reason he comes now is because truancy is on his dad. When he is there, he just takes up valuable time by acting like a jerk and I am done with him. 4 weeks to go.

  2. Lucky you, only 10 days left. I'm so jealous!! We still have about 20+ days and Open House to go.

  3. At least you got your house cleaned! Not only did I not open my school bag, but my house is a mess! I did, however, take my little guy to the park a couple times this weekend and we went on a few nice long walks, so all is well in my household! Enjoy your last couple of weeks. I'm done the same time, but then have a month of summer school...

  4. It's now 8:30 and my bag just made it in the house. I am finishing up a class assignment to mail off tomorrow, so that has taken my evening. And honestly, I don't care 100% about tomorrow at school. I will figure it out as I go, as most of it is just getting things done for Thursday! The light is at the end of the tunnel!