Training Day 3

Can I just say that I am glad my training is over with?!?!?!  It was very valuable to me, although it would have been better had they done it 3 years ago when we adopted the program.  But, what can you do when the district doesn't spend their money in the right places?

I asked the teacher who was running it about how to work with people on the grade level who don't want to have any part of it what-so-ever.  She said that she knows it hard to work with the teachers at my site since they have been teaching so long.  I had to throw the Ice Queen under the bus and tell the teacher that the one we have the most problems with has been teaching for the shortest amount of time.  She was surprised to hear that and seemed a little confused.  I am sure the Ice Queen has told her that it's the rest of us and that we don't work together with her.  Sob story, sob story.  Boo hoo! 

I am ready to go back to work and see my kids.  I have a lot of busy work to get to, like testing.  I hate having to do it after being gone, but I have to get it done.  I need it all done by next week, along with being ready for Open House.  I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders right now and I feel like there's nothing I can do about it.  But, tomorrow is the beginning of the end, with just 12 short days left, and really only 7 days to have testing done and grades ready to be inputed. 

It's been a very long day and I am exhausted.  Happy Wednesday!  I'm off to dreamland! 

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