The times they are a changing!

I was informed by my principal, whom I really like, that she would like me and my teacher friend in the room next to me to move next year to some other rooms closer to the rest of the campus.  It's bittersweet.  I like the idea of having a sink in my room, being closer to everything and having more storage.  But then, I have to move.  I hate moving.  I would rather go to the dentist! 

I have this big elaborate plan in my head for my classroom next year.  I was ready to start on it on Friday.  Now, that will have to wait.  The room is being used now for a Kinder room.  It will then be used for summer scholl thru the middle of July.  I won't be able to really get in til the end of July and school starts Aug. 10.  Can you say stress inducer?  I wouldn't have to be completely moved out of my room any time soon, but I would want to be.  I guess this is a good time to clean and prepare some things for next year. 

And, I would get the better of the 2 rooms.  I would be away from the other teachers (across the walkway) and my room wouldn't connect.  If I took the other room, I would right next to the loudest teacher on the planet.  And no one wants that!  I told my principal I wouldn't move if I had to go there!  :)  So, we will see how it goes.  I hope I know soon so I can start prepping and getting things in order.  I guess this means I won't have my room ready by June 1, but oh well!

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