TGIF...one more to go

Today was my second to last Friday.  I can hardly wait.  Sorry for those of you who have a few weeks to go.  I guess that is a perk of starting in August!

We had Career Day today.  I think we were in class for about 1 hour throughout the day.  It was fun, but tiring.  We were able to hear from the police, fire department, a respiratory therapist, a geologist, a musician, someone from the Navy and a carpet guy.  There were more people there, but we didn't get to see them all.  We had Army there, an equine surgeon and others.  All in all, it was a good, easy day. 

Since it was easy and next week will be playing it by ear, I was able to come home early.  A nice change!  I do have to start and finish my report cards and plan my mini unit for next week.  If it's cute and I like it, I will post it.  If you see nothing, then you know how it went! 

TGIF everyone!

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