Teacher Unappreciated Day

As I sit on my bed, watching my daughter in the bath, I have been looking at other blogs, rereading from the last couple weeks.  And now I am very jealous and a bit upset.  Last week was the week my district and my school did teacher appreciation week.  I don't feel appreciated at all.  At my site, the PTA provided lunch for the staff on Wednesday.  I was at training, so I got nothing.  But, at least they did something.  The district provided a cake, but again, I was gone.  There was another meeting at the district office and they got a cake, but we got cookies for dessert with lunch.  Big deal.  We got NOTHING from our principal, which is the 1st time in my life that we got nothing.  Nothing!  WTH?  I know it's budget crisis time and there is no money, but still.  We used to get little things from the district, then it went to an apple (a real apple from food service!), then it went to a card printed in printing services and now we are down to an e-mail from the head big-wig.  That's it!  I have never taught at a school where the PTA has made it a big deal.  They don't tell the parents it's teacher appreciattion week, so they don't know they are to appreciate us.  OK, fine, I can deal with that.  But come on.  We got the shaft.  Nothing.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  Not even my room cleaned a bit more.  It's like it was just another day.  Now, I don't do this to get gifts or be appreciated, but it's nice sometimes to just get a thank you for doing something you like, taking the time to work with kids and try to make a difference in the world.  So, I think I will look back at all the blogs where people showed all the loot they took home and live vicariously through you.  I will make sure next year to give my daughter's teacher a gift so she feels a little appreciated.  Honestly, it sucks when you don't!


  1. That's terrible!! You deserve to be appreciated too!! The front office sent a letter home letting parents know it was teacher appreciation week, maybe you could do the same next year all on your own initiative?

    That's really too bad about your principal - the least they could have done was let you wear jeans or something during the week...

  2. I had to laugh at the comment about the jeans. Most teacher wear jeans every day anyway! There is no dress code at my school (or district). I try to stay away from jeans til Friday, but it doesn't always work! Yesterday was a jean day, simply because the top I was wearing looks better with jeans than with anything else I own! I'm over it now. I felt good to vent about it and move on!