T-minus 2 and counting

Oh my word!  Just 2 more days to go with my kids.  I am so excited for the end of the year, but a little sad.  My kids have had so much fun this week with our camping unit.  They have been so well behaved in a time of chaos.  I'm a little sad to see them go.  But I will get over it.  There.  Done! 

We sorted our classes yesterday.  I am OK with where the kids are going, but it's always a little scary to send them on their way with others.  I just hope they continue to learn.  It's sad to say, but I have a couple from last year that didn't do so hot in 2nd and it's sad and scary and frustrating to know they left me OK (not great, but OK) and they aren't doing well.  But, what can you do when they aren't yours anymore? 

My report cards are done, CUM's will be done tomorrow and then it's just waiting for the bell to ring on Friday at 1:56.  FREEDOM!  Can you feel it?  I can!!!

Well, I am tired tonight and there is still one more show from last night to watch on my DVR.  I made it through Deadliest Catch, The Biggest Loser (I think I will try out for them next year) and now on tap is Pregnant in Heels.  I love that show and think Rosie is great.  I wish she would come organize my life, sans a new baby! 

Happy Wednesday!

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