Randomness all the way!

I don't feel I have too much exciting to share, but I feel I should write something.  So here are my random thoughts for the day!

* Yesterday was Teacher Appreciation Day everywhere else in the US, but NOT at my school.  We didn't get anything as we do ours next week.  I thought the district would have done something, but I guess they are too poor to do anything.  When I started teaching (when there was $), we got some pretty nice stuff.  A couple years ago, we got a note from the Super and an apple.  It has since dwindled to a note, which is pretty lame.  Printed 1100 times, sent to the secretaries to distribute.  Yeah, so warm and fuzzy.  I will be interested to see what they do next week when I am not there.  It better not be anything nice! 

* I will be sitting in enVision training next week for 3 days straight, 7 hours a day.  What did I do to deserve this?  2 of the teachers went yesterday and they said it was a long day and they have 2 more to go.  I am not looking forward to this at all.  I have been working on sub plans for the whole week and I am not done.  I am making sure I leave enough so my kids have less of a chance to go crazy!

* The state is threatening to cut another 15 days off the school year next year bringing our grand total to 20 days without school/pay.  We will be voting on whether or not to extend tax rates so we can pay for education.  If not, then massive cuts and layoffs are possible AFTER school starts.  Don't you wish you lived in Cali?  Of course, we don't have snow and it was 95* here today!  :)

* I feel I am trying to cram so much in to my kids and get so much out of them with such little time left.  I have a million things to do for Open House, but I have been so consumed with lesson plans that it has been put onto the back burner.  Not good!  Oops!

* We are doing -or and -ore words this week.  I put this activity out for the kids to do.  They had to write the or/ore words on the popcorn and then cut it out.  Thanks to all those who put this idea up for us to borrow!

* Last week we read the story The Surprise Family.  We compared and contrasted chickens and ducks and then the kids wrote a little bit about each bird.  We then did a directed drawing of each.  Some were better than others, as some of the kids decided they don't need to do their best anymore!

* And for those of you who's gas is less than $4 a gallon and think it's horrible, try this on for size!

 I got gas at Sam's for $4.11 a gallon.  Most places were $4.25 or so.  The cheapest I saw at a regular gas station was $4.17.  This was to fill up my little Saturn VUE.  Not a gas hog, pretty decent gas mileage, but over $50!  The hubby said it took over $30 to fill his Honda Civic HYBRID!  Looks like no summer vacation for us this year! 

* I had an SST today for one of my hard working students who is still struggling.  Luckily my principal took my recommendation of NOT retaining the girl and understanding that there is an issue somewhere somehow with the student.  It's not like I picked a name out of a hat and said let's SST for fun.  Real issues with this one.  And the parents do more than 99.99% of the parents out there.  I hope the child gets some help next year and can catch up, thought thankfully they aren't too far behind!

* Time to go and get some dinner ready.  Hubby is on his way home after stopping at the farm store to see how to get rid of gophers.  They are eating us out of roses and veggies.  I hate gophers with a passion, almost as much as I hate snakes.  Now, if the snakes would eat the gophers, then I may change my opinion (no, not really, snakes freak me out beyond belief).  Or if the gophers would just eat the weeds, then we'd be in business.  But, no, they must eat our corn and peppers and onions and my roses and make my hubby go crazy! 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I also teach in so cal and hadn't heard about the state wanting to take another 15 days away :( I surely hope not. My district didn't have to lay anyone off this year- I can't imagine if they started laying off after school starts.....

  2. There was an article in the paper saying that they were laying off 8 classified people and that, worst case scenario, they would make the year 160 days. I thought 175 was little enough! Crazy!!!!!

  3. It's so comforting to hear that you have parents that are stepping up to the plate. I just had an SST this morning and felt like I was talking to a block wall. This poor little guy in my class has SO many issues and the parents are in total denial. If I hear one more time, "He's just being a boy.", I think I might cry. I know I can't create a miracle in only 35 hours a week with this child but I can keep trying to every possible way to help him. Right? If only parents would accept that thier child may be special, it would be a much better outcome in the long run for everyone.

  4. Our teacher appreciation,which used to include a catered luncheon, now consists of a pat on the back and my position being cut to 1/2 time for next year. Even though I've been at this school for 12 years, I'm still at the bottom of the ladder in our dept. I'm currently working on my master's degree, hoping that it will eventually pay off; but with the current cuts in Ohio and Senate Bill 5, I don't think I will ever see the financial benefits of furthering my education. This seems so hypocritical of the state when its goal over the last ten years is to put out highly qualified teachers. Now it's more of a negative than a positive to have more than a bachelor's degree when trying to get hired; yet, if I would have had my masters degree before our cuts, I would have had a continuing license and would not have been cut to 1/2 time. This is all so very frustrating!!

  5. I teach in CA too...can't believe they would even THINK about cutting down the school year by 20 days. Who are they kidding?!?! So ridiculous. Have you seen the movie Waiting for Superman? I watched it last night and literally had to refrain from throwing something through the TV!

    Miss Kindergarten