A Monday of nothing

Today was my first official day of vacation.  Maybe it's tomorrow, but I will count starting today.  And today was a nice first day of vacation.  I got up early (7:30), went for a walk, ate breakfast with my daughter, did some laundry (which is an every day thing anyway), played online, went to a few stores, read a bit, napped a bit (heaven!!) and then had a small bbq dinner with my in laws and neighbor.  Not a bad way to start vacation. 

I have brought home most of the stuff I will need for my summer planning, but I not going to get into it just yet.  I need to finish work for my class I am taking plus move my classroom.  The custodian said he would have it moved by Wednesday, but I won't hold my breath.  I am going tomorrow to meet with my principal and discuss next year's plan as grade level lead and then I am going to start to tackle the cabinets.  They are very dirty and dingy inside.  I feel a little sad moving, as the classroom isn't as nice as the one I am in now, but it has a sink and is close to the other 1st grade rooms.  The one I am in now is away from everything and we are forgotten all the time.  She wants us closer together, so we are getting to move.  :(  Tomorrow and Wednesday I will take a bucket, a sponge and some 409 to the inside cabinets and then be ready to move stuff the following week I think. 

Thursday I will be busy with my hubby's swearing in ceremony and all the fun with that.  A nice day with the family and a nice lunch will cap off an exciting day after 5 long years of school!  Then on Friday, I have Kinder orientation for my daughter's kindergarten and then maybe I will go work in my room, if it's open.  I know the schools will be closed on Fridays to save money, so we'll see.  A trip to Vegas may be in the cards for next week, but we aren't sure yet.  It would be fun, but staying home and getting things done would also be nice.  Boring, but nice! 

Well, time to waste some more time on the computer before I go to finish my book and pick out the next one to read.  Happy Monday...and happy vacation!

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